Super Rich Kids Launch Party 2015


 Cool mom of 5 Shaina Sead  started Super Rich Kids in 2013 as a kids lifestyle brand and clothing line.  The SRK mission  statement is”We PLEDGE of Allegiance, to the KIDs, of the SuperRich Nation & to the Lifestyle for which they live: One Behavior under Style, individuals, with Dignity and Vogue for all.”

When asked to describe SRK Shaina tells me that the brand is ​dedicated to “The Highest Degree of Great Value/ Worth in youngsters through Fashion, Entertainment & the Arts. It​ encompasses Being “SuperRich” in Life: Loyalty, Love & Family.”
Currently all orders are through our social media: FB & IG or by email. Our new website/ and online store will be live, Mid January!


MJ and I were super excited to attend the launch party, Welcome to the Klub Haus at Lotus Lounge in Connecticut on December 13th. We were greeted by young ladies in custom SRK T-shirts, MJ received a VIP bracelet and a handful of glow sticks and bracelets. The Lounge was lit by pink lighting and stylish kids couldn’t wait to eat treats, look through their gift bags or decided if they wanted a kid safe tattoo or quirky face paint design.

Lots of pizza arrived around 4 pm and kids were invited to take fun paparazzi style pictures afterwards. Attendees were invited to the dance floor to show off the latest dance crazes from Hit the Quan, the Dlow Shuffle, Dab and I even enjoyed watching the Whip and Nae Nae because so many toddlers joined in on the fun.
Shaina was the best hostess, greeting every single guest, posing for photos, dancing with the kids making sure everyone was having fun. She happily passed me a large swag bag with a custom black sweat shirt and black and gold embroidered beanie.

Kid DJ Bam Bam played the latest dance hits that kept mom and kids happy and rocking! Two lucky ladies Autumn, 11 and Chloe  age 7 celebrated their birthdays in a vip section with their friends.


MJ with the young ladies of SRK Autumn, Brandy & Chloe

Every guest received a gift bag filled with glow sticks, wayfayer sunglasses, marshmallow treats, and coloring books from Color a positive thought.

More info about the event:

Decor by SuperRichKids

Balloons by Like No Other Events

Tattoos by Paris WIlliams of Ms. Paris’ Playdates

Face Painting by Alicia Cobb of Art Simplicated

Photography by and Noula




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