Mini Mode London’s Premier Kids Fashion Week

Che Esson in Loud Apparel Photo Credit: Emma Wright

Mini Mode, a new platform to showcase kids fashion during London Fashion Week launched its inaugural show on Friday, February 16th, 2018 at 16-18 Paddington Street in  London’s West End neighborhood. There was an Industry and Consumer Show, both were  amazing productions that featured chic brands, adorable models and talented young performers. Che Esson age 12, from London, is a model on the rise, he is signed with Kids London Agency. Che gave us his insight about Mini Mode.

When I heard I was going to be apart of the Mini Mode LKFW I was so excited and couldn’t wait.

When I got there, back stage was buzzing with energy.

I had to get my first outfit on by Alexander Evans for the first show and then go up-stairs to hair and make-up, which I didn’t need because they said I had good skin!!!

I couldn’t wait to hit the runway again. The clothes looked great and all the children that were walking looked amazing.

It was finally time for me to hit the runway as our first guests were now seated…I walked my walk with style, people were complimenting my runway walk.  I felt very humble and blessed to do what I do as a kid model.

I walked both shows wearing Loud Apparel and Alexander Evans.

I had an amazing time, there were so many talented children there.  Models, singers, dancers, pianist, dj and a child host…the day was phenomenal!


Alexander Evans

Amelie et Sophie

Barn of Monkeys

Daniel Alessandrini Kids

Infantium Victoria

Isossy Children

Lady V Couture

Loud Apparel

Plumeti Rain

Rebel Republic


Where’s that Bear?

Amanda Rabor, Francesca Beatrice & Inspiring Vanessa Photo Credit: Rodolfo San Juan Jr.

Amanda Rabor, UK children’s wear designer and Founder of Mini Mode says: “London Fashion Week is iconic, and we thought that it was time to create a platform for kids fashion during the UK industry’s renowned London Fashion Week. It’s time for the kids market to be taken seriously and recognised as the economic powerhouse it is.”


Daniel Alessandrini Photo Credit: Emma Wright

Farouk James in Daniel Alessandrini Kids Photo Credit: Emma Wright

The audience was in awe of the award winning host Inspiring Vanessa. At 11 years old, Vanessa has gain international fans with her motivational videos and speeches. 13 year old House DJ Luca Milan had attendees vibing to the latest hits.

International motivational speaker Inspiring Vanessa 

The models were styled to perfection by Becky Seagere and Kate E Hill. Hair and make up done by London based Wow Beauty. The crowd was entertained by talented from kid performers. Jenaya Rose, Boys who Model and Hollie wowed the audience with their dance moves.

Musical performances by rapper Jayden Pyram from NYC and by singer Alexia Gibson.

Lady V Couture Photo Credit: Emma Wright

Lady V Couture Photo Credit: Emma Wright

Infantium Victoria Photo Credit: Emma Wright

Infantium Victoria Photo Credit: Emma Wright

20% of proceeds from ticket sales went to benefit Osteopathic Centre for Children Charity.  The Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy is a specialist osteopathy charity, whose goal is that any family can take a baby or child to consult a reputable pediatric osteopath who is safe and effective in the management of children.

Isossy Children Photo Credit: Emma Wright

Isossy Children Photo Credit: Emma Wright

To learn more about the event visit:

Instagram: @minimode_lkfw

Photographs from: Emma Wright and Rodolfo San Juan Jr.

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Runway Heroes

Runway Heroes is a non-profit organization that features children fighting cancer in fashion shows. Runway Heroes is a brilliant way to bring philanthropy into the fashion world. It provides an opportunity to showcase top fashion designers worn by young models while giving children with cancer an opportunity to shine. Our fighters have an opportunity to feel like stars as they model top of the line brands in fashion shows.  The past 4 shows have been held at Bloomingdale 59th street flagship store.  Runway Heroes showcases top fashion designers worn by young models and raises awareness and funding for childhood cancer research. Each show features about 30 children with a range of cancer diagnoses.

“Every child picks out an outfit donated by a generous fashion brand, has their make-up done and a professional photo shoot prior to strutting the runway! Children ages 2-12, who are currently in treatment for childhood cancer or in remission, as well as siblings, can participate in Runway Heroes.”

The concept of Runway Heroes was developed by Rachel Goldman, a doctoral student specializing in the treatment of children with medical illness, and in collaboration with brilliant executives at Bloomingdales. As Runway Heroes has grown, its’ mission has remained constant: to bring a philanthropic component to children’s fashion shows and raise funds for childhood cancer research. We enjoy collaborating with numerous fashion brands to provide an easy way to add a philanthropic component to their business model!

Designers such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade, 7 for All Mankind, True Religion, Hudson Jeans, Diesel, Splendid, Armani jr,  and Burberry have presented in the past. Over $45,000 has been raised so far.  By visiting the website you can donate starting at 10$. The next fashion event will be this upcoming spring 2018.If you are a fashion brand and are interested in getting involved please contact Rachel Goldman at

For more information visit:

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Philadelphia Kids Fashion Week Season 6 NYC


Philadelphia Kids Fashion Week presented its sixth production last week in Philadelphia and New York City last weekend. FKN Contributing writer Daniqua Porter attended the New York show and had a blast. Her daughter Skylar was also walking in the show!


Mommy Blogger Daniqua & her daughter Skylar Photo Credit: Runway Images

Ameila Rose recieved  the 2018 Fashion Entrepreneurship Award, she is a young actress, model and dancer. She recently appeeared in a Target campaign.


Amelia Rose & founder Dawane Cromwell Photo Credit: Runway Images

The Dream Team Dance Company did an epic performance for the crowd.


Photo Credit: Runway Images

Check out these photos of the event and an awesome video recorded and edited by Affinity Angles.

JANUARY 26, 2018 – Ready to Wear Runway Show   / Philadelphia PA

JANUARY 27, 2018 – High Fashion Runway Show  / Philadelphia PA

JANUARY 28, 2018 –  Ready to Wear & High Fashion Runway Shows  /  New York NY



The following designers had their kid chic designs presented on the runway! Bow Tia, Kidzz Kloset Boutique, Belle Babe, YS Clothing and Young Gods




Photo Credit: Runway Images


Photo Credit: Runway Images


Photo Credit: Runway Images


Photo Credit: Runway Images


Enter a captionPhoto Credit: Runway Images

Photo Credit: Runway Images

Photo Credit: Runway Images


Photo Credit: Runway Images


Photo Credit: Runway Images


Photo Credit: Runway Images



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Mini Mode London Kids Fashion Week ’18

Black&White BG

Mini Mode, a new platform to showcase kids fashion during London Fashion Week has announced that it will be launching its inaugural show on Friday, February 16th, 2018 hosted at 16-18 Paddington Street in  London’s West End neighborhood. Tickets on sale Now! Purchase here

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 15.15.31

Mini Mode LKFW was created by designer Amanda Rabor, (Isossy Children) and children’s fashion industry experts, designers and influencers. The UK children’s wear market is growing rapidly Amanda states:

“London FashionWeek is iconic,it has been recognised throughout  the world for decades and  has launched the careers of some the world’s greatest creatives; encouraging individuality and respected global brands in the UK
industry. A plethora of UK kids brands have paved the way for the British kids market creating success stories in this rapidly growing industry. With that in mind, we thought that it was time to create a platform for kids fashion during the UK industry’s renowned London Fashion Week.”


Rebel and Republic

In a press release, Fresh Kid Nation learned about the brands that will be presenting at Mini Mode:

Amelie et Sophie

Daniele Alessandrini Kids

Infantium Victoria

Isossy Children

Lady V Couture

Loud Apparel

Rebel Republic

Sproet and Sprout

The Bonnie Mob


Isossy Children








20% of proceeds from ticket sales will benefit Osteopathic Centre for Children Charity.  The Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy is a specialist osteopathy charity, whose goal is that any family can take a baby or child to consult a reputable pediatric osteopath who is safe and effective in the management of children.


To learn more visit

Follow on Instagram : @minimode_lkfw

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Life As A Kidd

Image may contain: 1 person

Rap Kidd E, a 9 Year Old Kid Rap Artist from Norfolk, Virginia  just released a music video for his single “Life As A Kidd.” He creates inspirational music and focuses on using his art to motivate and inspire many. With his music as a vehicle to spread positive messages, he also makes a point to rap about issues and challenges that society faces. In his latest single, he urges his listeners to put the guns down. In the second verse, we hear the names of black men who were unarmed and killed to include Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell,  Eric Garner to name a few.” Say I’m a kid, and tell me not to worry, but when I see the TV it’s a different story.” Rap Kidd E understands the dangers that can result from gun violence but urges his peers to stay focused so that they can succeed and make it.

Since his debut in 2016, Rap Kidd E has performed at numerous community, charity, talents shows, concerts, and city sponsered events all throughout his hometown area. He was nominated for the 2016 Youth Award Crime Prevention Award held in his hometown. His inspiration and motivation and music has lead to him gaining a huge audience and fan base all throughout his hometown and now expanding beyond. He has been featured on Hip Hop Highlights Radio, WVEC TV News 13,  Wavy TV 10’s “The Hampton Roads Show” as the “I am Hampton Roads” kid of the week. He has also been featured in The Virginian Pilot and Gazette Newpaper. This is only a few of his accomplishments thus far and more to come. We believe his music, his message, inspiration, motivation and personality should continue to reach everyone across the globe.

To learn more about Rapp E Kidd

visit: facebook page Rap Kidd E

Follow him on Instagram @Rap_Kidd_E


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H&M issues an apology

The Stockholm Based apparel company H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) issued an apology after a controversial ad was displayed on the UK website of a black boy wearing a green horror with the text “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle”

The Ad was met with heavy backlash from various media sites and buyers. H&M shares were already at 30% lower than usual this past December. The Weeknd and G- Easy both cut ties with the company ending their clothing collaborations.

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Young stars at the 2017 AMA’s

1 year old Asahd Khaled with his parents DJ Khaled and Nicole Tuck

Singer Kelly Clarkson with her step daughter 16 year old, Savannah Blackstock 3 year old daughter River Rose Blackstock

Actor Evan Toss, Singer Ashley Simpson with Jagger Snow Ross, 2 and Bronx Wentz age 9.

Caleb McLaughlin, 16, stars in Stranger things and is wearing a custom suit by Philip Lim.

Actor Gaten Matarazzo, 15, and actress Sadie Sink, 15

Actress Yara Shahidi, 17 who stars in ABC’s Blackish and the spin-off series Grownish in a playful ensemble by Prada.Diana Ross with her children and grandchildren

Legendary singer and actress Diana Ross appears with her children and grandchildren, Callaway Lane 5, Raif Henok Kendrick 8, Indigo Naess, 1.

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Industry Kids Events and A. Royale presents The Fashion Play Date

Actress Donshea Hopkins and Model/Blogger Ameenha Lee

On October 28th, in NYC, Industry Kids and A.Royale hosted The Fashion Play Date, this play date brought together young industry influencers.

As we know with social media, people do not know how to engage with others. The Fashion Play Date was inspired on how to build brand awareness while connecting with other influencers. The idea of The Fashion Play Date came about from business moguls Malika Manning Marketing and Erika DeShazo. They wanted to bring together people of influence.

The Fashion Play Date was hosted by Avery Watson. Avery Watson is a media specialist who has been featured in Black Enterprise. The speakers of The Fashion Play Date included Tru Inc PR, Francis (CEO and founder of Golden Magazine), and Eddie and Carl from Mogul Media. The sponsors of the gift bags included Miss Jessie’s and Townley Girl. The super fun photo booth was sponsored by NYC Photo Booth Experts. Also, the amazing photographer was Terrell Lopez. There were several key influencers that attended The Fashion Play Date. From Ameenha Lee, Aasim Harris, Donshea Hopkins, Webstar, Isaiah Whitehead and more.

This is the very first of the mini series of The Fashion Play Date. Stay tuned for another amazing event coming soon. For more info visit


Erika DeShazo, her son Aasim Harris and Donshea Hopkins

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FKN Designer Spotlight: KICOMO

Screenshot (8)

Kicomo by Kiara C. Morrow, from the D.C. Metro Area owns Kicomo, an in house Design and manufacturing boutique. Designs range from Streetwear to Ready to Wear for Babies, Children, Teens, and Adults.


Photo credit: Fresh Kid Nation

I was able to see Kicomo spring/summer collection at Posh Kids Fashion week in September 2017, at The Playstation Theater.  The first fashion presentation was at Art & Beauty Magazine presents NEW YORK FASHION WEEK 2.0 “The Pageant Edition” on Saturday September 16th, 2017 just one day prior to the Posh Kids show.

Why did you decide to start your clothing line?

I wanted to empower children and let them know they have a voice at a young age. Society today molds us into there definition of beauty. I believe we are beautiful in our natural different ways and should embrace our cultural and ethnic diversities. Clothes are not going to change the world, but the child wearing them can make a difference.
Kicomo is about giving confidence and empowerment to all. Kicomo means to make a change and or difference.

How is your label different from the other childrens brand already on the market?

Its not a everyday children clothing, its art, its creativity but fashionable and
eco friendly. I used Ankara prints for this collection. It is a 100% cotton fabric with vibrant patterns. It is usually a colorful cloth and is primarily associated with Africa because of its tribal-like patterns and motifs. Being African American myself I strive to really embrace my culture and beauty. A African Proverb that really inspires me day to day ” The best way to fight an alien and oppressive culture is to embrace your own”.

Where do you get your ideas from and what or who inspires you as a designer?

The world inspires me, music, books, movies, etc. The most random thing can
put me in a creative trance. I knew I wanted to be a designer since I could walk and talk so I am fighting everyday to make that happen. What inspires me is everyday life, my culture, movies, books, music, family, heartbreak, etc. I don’t seek inspiration I just express my emotions in art. 

For more information visit:

Instagram and Twitter: @Kingkicomo

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Celebrity Birthday Bash for Rylee Gabrielle

Last weekend (October 7, 2017) actress and model, Rylee Gabrielle, 7, was surprised by family and friends with a cool birthday celebration at Funplex in Hanover, NJ.

Rylee’s has appeared on the hit Fox show Gotham ‘ , The Blacklist , The ID Channel , and on CBS shows Kevin Can Wait and Bull.

Guests spent the afternoon enjoying  food & drinks , taking rides on bumper cars , face painting , and also partied on the light up dance floor.

After taking photos on the red carpet and playing arcade style games, Rylee treated the crowd to a song and dance to Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk.

Everyone couldn’t wait to enjoy the beautiful circus themed birthday cake from Edo’s Bakery.

Rylee received a beautiful custom jacket from designer Chermia Lucas. Other items from her brand Chermia Amour include hand painted accessories and custom clothing.

Other attendees included industry kids Meghan & Morgan the True Blue twins, River Mason Eromosele , Braxton and Malia ( Niece and nephew of Singer Mary J Blidge ) , Solei Madrid, Madison aka redlilmissy , and model/blogger Ameena Lee.

This event was sponsored by : Industry Kids Events , Fashion Gxd Magazine , Edo’s Bakery ,Miss Jessie’s , MIA NYC , GirlzNDollz , Townleys NYC , KidPik and Antsy Pants

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