We Outsideee! Its Fashion Week in NYC

Here are our top picks for Kid Fashion Shows and Events this weekend in the Big Apple!

Five Karats Fashion Show

Saturday February 11th

Five Karats premieres their newest collection at Sixth Street Loft.  


The Mosiac Fashion Experience

The Green Campaign will be engaging the youth of NYC in various experiences that culitvate, educate and inspire them in pathways of their interest. February we focus on Fashion.

This event in collaboration with Mosaic will be held from 1PM-5PM in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and will feature a discussion around breaking into the fashion world and the best approach to scale up your business with Rhoxy Lezama, Founder of Rhoxy Lezama Clothing.

Teen Designs by Featuring Rich Determind Angels clothing and more..

Any teens interested in modeling, performing, presenting a clothing line or volunteering, email: rashid@gunsforgrants.org

Buy Tickets

Fashion Designer’s Life NYFW Fall/Winter Collections

Grab your friends and come and experience New York Fashion Week. Come watch multiple Designers show their collections on the NYFW Runway! You will have a chance to preview the latest Fashions from some of the most talented designers in the fashion industry. The venue will be located in a beautiful ballroom transformed into the ultimate Fashion runway, right in the heart of Manhattan, New York City!

Buy Tickets

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Looking to feature inspiring kids! Motivation Mondays

Are you a young person who gives back to your community? Do you have an inspiring life? Be a part of our Motivation Monday series on our website! Fresh Kid Nation is a children’s fashion and lifestyle blog established in 2013, we are looking to feature children and teen who are making an impact in their community! Are you a kid boss? Do you motivate and inspire other kids? We want to hear from you!


12 amazing kids and teens will be selected to be featured once a month. Our editors will reach out if you are selected. If you are not selected we will keep your application in our files.

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Fresh Kid Nation’s10th Year Anniversary Celebration

Prince and MJ Photo by Fresh Kid Nation

Fresh Kid Nation is a children’s fashion and lifestyle blog based in New York City. It started as an online fashion blog and in 2023 has grown to produce global kids events, an online boutique and create marketing opportunities for family oriented businesses.

“In 2013, I started a kids fashion blog while I was living in the Bronx. I spent the last 4 years as a mom and part time costume designer. My son MJ did some modeling part time and there wasn’t many resources or websites where I could connect with other families, find casting calls or even learn about upcoming designers.”

Here is what fans can look forward to this year! Click each link for more details.

Kids Fashion Meet Up

Summer 23′ NYC and Atlanta

Fall 23′ London during London Fashion Week

If you want to bring this event to your city please reach out! freshkidnation@gmail.com

Christopher L for Bezel Magazine Photo by Creative Soul

Feature Opportunities

Many ask how can kids or brands be featured on our website and social media pages.

Instagram features are Wow Wednesday on the 1st Wednesday of the month picked by our editor. Fresh Friday every Friday in our stories, just tag us in clear photos and a main page feature on the last Friday of the month our top 10 fashionable kids.

Website features include Real Style File for Kids and Teens once a month Apply Here and Designer Spotlight once a month, Apply Here

Vanessa Sam for True Star Magazine Photo Credit Fresh Kid Nation

Street Style Photo Shoots Learn more here

We have an open opportunity for young models who are looking to get new headshots and connect with other industry kids. Our shoots are non compensated, all participants receive hi-res images, fresh content and a small gift. Families love out shoot because out website and pages are established and respected worldwide by the press, fashion brands and established industry professionals! No experience necessary!

Straight Walk Runway event 2022

Event Gift Bag Sponsorship Apply here!

We provide quality items and decide the best way collaborate with brands and sponsorship of events. We will clearly outline the usage of rights, timeline of deliverables and  details all deliverables between Fresh Kid Nation and all persons receiving products. We will provide items that are currently available in our stock, we have no control over when certain items will be available. The value of all our swag bags and gifts are under $50.

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Kidz Con 2022

Sir, Nylannah and Legacy hit the red carpet

Kidz Con is back and bigger than before! So excited out mommy blogger Ruby and her family could attend on Saturday, July 16 in Anaheim California at The Anaheim convention Center 15th-17th . It’s the largest convention in the world for children. Previous Kidz Con took place in Southern California and New York City with plans to expand to Dallas and Miami.

Meeting the founder of Kidz Con Kenyana Franklin

Founded by mompreneur Kenyana Franklin in focuses on children’s fashion, accessories, toys, lifestyle brands and more. Families are able to shop, enjoy yummy treats, participate in activities, meet actors and performers. This year some of the exhibits included DC’s Super Pets, Dreamworks Animation, Milk Bar, Care Bears.

Appearances by Hip Hop Harry, X Omg Pop, DJ Willy Wow and an exciting presentation by the Young Artists Academy Awards. The 2022 YAAA nominations were announce at Kidz Con on July 15th at the V.I.P. Preview night.

The event was heavily promoted by kid influencers across social media months prior. A few of these stars have been featured on our platform such as Aliyah Lusk, Mandy Corrente, and Joni Siwa!

Meeting X OMG Pop

According to their website “ KIDZCON is a 2-day destination experience event where kids get to bask in a dreamworld of fun and discovery, and most importantly, be themselves. The biggest names in kid’s toys, apparel and gadgets join forces to create an ultimate world of interactive play designed to ignite their imaginations and inspire creativity.”

Of course the pandemic brought along many challenges in this years event. However thousands of Southern California families were excited to attend and see their favorite influencer and participate in an exciting event with their family and friends.

For more information visit www.Kidz-con.com

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Real Style File: Meet Camren

Photo by Shawn Punch

Camren has a stellar modeling career at a young age. He has worked with Kids Footlocker, parent brand Footlocker, Suavitel, and most recently Shein X Zyem as a Brand Ambassador. I met Camren and his mom at Fashion Week Brooklyn and he is so sweet and has an infectious smile!

Camren Carrington 6 years old Brooklyn NY

Where do you like to shop and what is you favorite clothing & accessory brands?

I love going to the mall. There are so many cool stores to go to. I love unique clothing with cool designs on them and different blues are my go to colors. Zyemkids is the perfect brand!

How would you describe your fashion sense?

Cool, calm and collective just like the initials of my name. Sometimes I like to stand out and create my own look. Sometimes i mitch match my socks or get a hat made to match my outfit. Let’s not forget to mention, I can be dapper at times too and throw on a suit and bow tie.

Photo Credit: Rex Lott

What are your special talents?

You would never believe this but I am an amazing chess player! I play with the 8th graders in my school and I’m only in the first grade. I beat my mom at the game all the time, shhh don’t tell her I told you that! I also love to dance! Ever since I was a baby, my mommy told me I would lay in my crib and move my belly from side to side when ever I heard music.

That’s all I could do since I was not even big enough to roll over yet lol. I’m an actor and I am great at gaming. I can also draw anything you put in front of me just by looking at it and using my visual super powers to mimic what I see and make it into my own.

Who inspires you?

My PopPop inspires me. My PopPop tells me all the time that I am the greatest at what I do no matter what it is! He is so smart and what makes him even cooler is that he knows how to play Roblox!

My aunty Zena also inspires me.  She is in college and works very hard to reach her goals. She supports me in everything that I do and always reminds me to reach for the stars.

My mom is my inspiration. In my eyes, she is a superhero! She makes the best food ever and I love her so much. 

Do you have any upcoming projects, events or a business venture?

I am working on releasing my very own ActionCam plush toy! You all will see it very soon!

Instagram: @Camren_Carrington Youtube: https://youtu.be/GVM3gkLYp7U

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Real Style File: Elizabeth Sunshine

Elizabeth is a model, dancer and gymnast from NYC. She is a fierce B-Girl and has competed in local dance offs. She is a sneakerhead, as she appreciates rocking fashionable and comfortable shoes that match her active lifestyle. Whether you have seen her at the Dance Parade in Times Square or on the runway at Brooklyn Children’s Fashion Week, she stands out with her vibrant personality and signature walk.

Elizabeth “Sunshine” Age 9 Bronx NY

How would you describe your fashion sense?

My style is effortless, sassy and versatile. I’m a dancer so comfort is key. I will wear anything that fits my style aesthetic as long as it makes me look and feel good. My go-to clothing items are a comfortable pair of leggings and well fitting sneakers.

Where do you like to shop and what is your favorite clothing & accessory brands?

My new favorite brand is Zyem Kids. I fell in love with all of their outfits. I love to shop at H&M, Nike, Adidas, Abercrombie & Fitch, & SHEIN. My favorite sneakers are Kyries, Foam posites, Retro 1’s, and Adidas.

Photo by D1 Visual Media

What are your special talents?

Breakdancing, dancing, make up, gymnastics, modeling, and video editing.

Who inspires you and why?

There are a few people who inspire me on a daily basis. Two of them are my coaches, Bboy Kid Glyde and Bboy Elite. They both are living their dreams and put me under their wings and have shown me everything I know. They are proof that I can become a professional breakdancer when I get older and live my dream just like them. Another person who inspires me everyday is my mommy. She is the most amazing and wonderful person I know. My mommy works very hard to provide me everything I want and supports me in everything I do. She is my best friend. I wouldn’t know what to do without her.

Do you have any upcoming projects, events or a business venture?

I have a few battles and fashion shows coming up all through out the year. As far as projects I will be working on a few dance visuals and posting them to my Instagram. 

Instagram: @Elithecoolkid_

Tik Tok: @bgirlsunshine

Photo by Shawn Punch
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Real Style File: Paris Grant

Fashion Week Brooklyn 2022

Meet Paris! She is 10 years of and this native Brooklynite has a passion for fashion and dance. She recently ripped the runway at Fashion Week Brooklyn and has been featurd in Stardom 101 Magazine. She has a fierce walk you probably have seen her modeling for brands such as Bella Bebe or Zyem Kids.

Where do you like to shop, What is you favorite clothing & accessory brands?

I Like To Shop At Primark and on SHEIN. My favorite clothing is anything from SHEIN and I like my accessories from Claire’s. Sometime from Rainbow’s because they always have some nice stuff.

How would you describe your fashion sense?

I like To wear whatever makes me comfortable, I like skirts and dresses the most with a cute bag to always match. I like to wear a lot of custom clothing as well it’s fun not to look like everyone and I can express myself more.

What are your special talents?

I dance, many different styles. I model, make art and I write poems. I’m a designer with my own small business too!

Who inspires you and why?

It’s weird because I like people but I haven’t been inspired by no one. I just started doing everything myself with out knowing who or what did anything so I guess in a way I’m inspired by myself because I push myself to be better to do better anything I need or want to learn I work on it myself I’m self taught, everything I know it’s just better now because I have help.

Do you have any upcoming projects, events or a business venture?

I have Atlantic City Fashion Week this year I get to be a Designer in their show this time. I have my own event planning business that I share with my best friend we have some events coming up. Separate from everything else I have a new business venture I’m working on with my parents I can’t speak on it cause it’a a surprise but it’s definitely going to be worth the wait.

Learn more about Paris!

Instagram: @Flygirlparis.m(Model Page) @Paris_the_Swag_Dancer_(Dance Page) _@Paris_Playgroud_(Designer Page) @YaYa&TeeTee (Event Page)

Facebook: Paris Grant

TikTok: @Flyygirlparis.m

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Casting Call for Zyem Kids X SheinX

Five models ages 5-16, all backgrounds, will be selected to participate in this campaign a kids clothing collection from Zyem NYC which will collaborate with retailer Shein!

Online casting begins Friday March 11th 12pm EST ends Sunday March 13th at 5pm EST

APPLY Online HERE via link: https://forms.gle/6xxhoYt8UA4kbT7A8

Casting Details:

We will select 5 finalists, all finalists will have the opportunity to walk in Fashion Week Brooklyn on April 3rd 2022 at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. The Model who fundraises the most via ticket sales will earn the chance to be the face of Zyem X Sheinx. Proceeds of tickets sales support the production of this collection and BK Style Foundation 501(C)(3)

First Place Platinum: Will be the featured model for the shoot with Zyem NYC x SheinX in a global advertising campaign. The model keeps their garment from the fashion show and receives the entire clothing collection.

Second Place Gold: Will model in the show and receive a gift card to purchase items from the collection

Third Place Silver: Will model in the show and receive one VIP ticket to the show and a gift bag from Zyem and Fresh Kid Nation

Two Runner Ups: Will model in the fashion show and receive a gift bag.

We also like five additional honorable mentions who will be featured on Fresh Kid Nation website and social media pages as a part of the Real Style File Series.

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Get Free Tickets: Samsung KX Hub of Halloween Fun!

London, England

Looking for family fun during October half term? Samsung KX is hosting a series of Halloween events from Wednesday, October 27 through Sunday, October 31st 2021. Activities range from spooky story telling, pumpkin decorating, and even a spooky outfit swap where families can bring in items and the Samsung AirDresser’s Self Clean technology will refresh items.


Coal Drops Yard

King’s Cross, London N1C 4DQ

Wednesday 27th October, 10am-12noon

A Spooky Movie Screening: Sit back, relax and enjoy ‘Casper’the friendly ghost on ScreenMax, Europe’s largest curved screen (Ages 5-11) – PG rating

Thursday 28th October, 10am-11am

Scary Storytelling: Listen in if you dare to some Halloween-inspired tales, narrated by a local storyteller in the Samsung Connected Living area (Ages 3-7)

Friday 29th October, 10am-12noon & 2pm-4pm

Pimp Your Pumpkin: Don’t miss out on this digital art class,where kids can design their own trick-or-treat pumpkin bucket(Ages 3-11)

Friday 29th – Sunday 31st October, All day drop-in

Spooky Outfit Swaps: Looking for a Halloween costume? Save money and swap one for another at the Costumer Swap Shop! Let the Samsung AirDresser’s Self Clean technology refresh items ready for trick-or-treating (Ages 5-11)

To book, simply visit the Samsung KX website: 


#SamsungKX is a 20,000 sq. ft experience space located in the heart of London’s Coal Drops Yard. This hub of innovation brings together culture, community and cutting-edge technology in a dynamic environment alongside local partners.

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Back To School 2021: Students around the world share their experiences

School are mostly all officially open to in-person learning. Children have been yearning to reconnect with friends and be back in school. Some children will be entering a school building for the first time! With Covid-19 still lingering, families have been concerned about another possible shut down looming on this fall.
We are featuring school aged children from around the Globe who will share their thoughts about the 2021 school year and how it is very different due to a global pandemic.


Name: Taz

Hometown: Ellicott City, USA

Instagram: @darknintaz

Grade Level: 3rd Grade

“I am anxious and so excited to go back to school because I learned so much about taking care of myself at home and being more independent especially when Mommy is working right next to me. I’ve been staying calm, following directions at home, and staying super healthy. I play too much at home and am ready to learn at school.”


Name: Toni

Hometown: Jersey City, USA

Instagram: @chulatonivee12

Grade Level: 7th Grade

“I’m excited about returning to school but a little nervous because the pandemic is still affecting people. I am excited about learning in the classroom with my teachers. I learned visually and sometimes it’s easy to get distracted when learning over the computer. “


Name: Lorenzo E.

Hometown: Tuscany, Italy

Instagram: @lorenzo_esposito_official

Grade Level: 3 elementare

Rivedere i propri compagni e le maestre è emozionante! Non vedo l’ora!

“Seeing your classmates and teachers, is exciting! I can not wait!”


Name: Elijah

Hometown: Walsall, UK

Instagram: @everyone_loves_lijah

Grade Level: Year 4

Elijah just finished up summer vacation, “I’m not looking forward to the holidays ending and going back to school means I have to get up super early! It will be nice to see my friends and teachers though and to learn lots of new things.”

Skye-Taylor & Aniyah

Name: Skye-Taylor & Aniyah

Hometown: Georgia, USA

Instagram: @Lilbit887 @aniyahsimsmodels

Grade Level: 2nd Grade & 8th Grade

Sisters Skye and Aniyah share their experiences about being back in school. Skye says ” I’m so excited to be back in school!” Her big sister has a different perspective

“At fist l was very hesitant about returning to school because of covid and the increasing cases and at one point mask were not required in school so l was considering home school. But we got word right before school started that mask would be required so l decided to go to school in person. So now I am super excited to see my friends in person and return to school.”


Name: Yomarley

Hometown: Paterson, USA

Instagram: @Princessmarleyrosa

Grade Level: 5th Grade

Yomarley has been in school a few weeks and is overall happy to learn with her friends “It feels awesome I wanted to see my friends and learn in person.”

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Designer Spotlight: Kings and Gents Accessories

Christopher & Jabez Jenkins

Brother Jabez (15) and Christopher (14) learned how to sew under the guidance of their mother at the ages of 5 and 3. The brother started their own accessories business a few years later. They handcraft each item and participate in the entire design and sell process through every single step of production. We are excited to highlight these young entrepreneurs.

Jabez and Christopher Jenkins

Hometown: Atlanta, Ga

Name of brand or clothing line : Kings and Gents Accessories

Type of design, accessories, t shirts, denim, clothing etc

We design bow ties for boys by boys.

Why did you choose to design for children?

My brother and I started sewing when we were 5 and 3. When I (Jabez) was 9 years old we had Career Day at school and I asked my mom could I use the leftover scraps of fabric to make 30 bow ties for boys and 30 hair bows for girls.

When I took the products to school I sold out within minutes. When I sold out so quickly I said to my self “I can be successful in real life”. Though I was sold out the teachers kept raving all day and asking me to bring more bow ties the next day. They continued to ask months after the Career Day was over, outside of school when they saw our family in the community. Our momager told me to tell whoever asked about bow ties that “this wasn’t for real life, it was just for Career Day”. Then one day I went to our momager and asked “Mom, can you take me to Atlanta to sell bow ties?” And she said “ask your brother if he will help you”. Kings and Gents Accessories was born.

How is your label different from the other childrens’ brand already on the market?

Our brand is different because we design and make our bow ties. We choose, cut and sew the fabrics. There are a lot of men’s bow tie designers but you don’t really see kid’s bow tie designers on a regular basis. What we do is rare.

Where do you get your ideas from and what or who inspires you as a designer?

We base our designs off the project we’re working on or by the weather. We change the fabrics to darker, thicker fabrics in the winter and lighter, thinner, more vibrant colors in the summer. If we’re doing a wedding, we choose fabrics based on the wedding colors.

For more information visit www.thekingsandgents.com

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Designer Spotlight: Khamari Frazier

12 year old Fashion Designer Khamari Frazier is a rising CEO of her own fashion label based in Atlanta.

Jaylin Fletcher in a custom designed jacket @instagram

At a young age Khamari knew she was destined to step into the fashion industry. The Khamari Frazier Brand (self titled) offers clothing, purses, and jewelry. Khamari’s designs has been seen on such celebrities such as Jaylin Fletcher from TNT’s Snow Piercer and Model Madison Red Little Missy.

Khamari was a celebrity kid selected to be on the Yes Honey Collective panel. The panel highlighted young CEO’s on their entrepreneurship journey. She has also been featured on Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, Femi Magazine, MadisonJaye.com, Vocal, Medium, Fashion Gxd Magazine, LWL Magazine, and Enspire Magazine. In 2021, Khamari made an appearance on the Hip Hop Harry Show and was selected as a social media influencer for The BET 2021 Awards. 

Khamari continues to keep God first and always prays despite the circumstances. Having perseverance and staying the course no matter how many obstacles she has faced. Khamari is a firm believer in trusting the process & allowing room for her to grow while learning from mistakes. Her potential clients can purchase from the Khamari Frazier Brand.

Dress created by Khamari

for more information follow @khamarifrazier on social media!

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True Star Junior Magazine Summer 2021

True Star Junior is a digital and print magazine based in Chicago. The latest issue features Thaddeus Mixson, dancer, singer and actor who currently stars in Disney’s Safety on DisneyPlus. The young star made his debut on NBC’s Little Big Shots.

Fresh Kid Nation is all featured in this issue, along side Khali Spraggins, Kayden Grace.

“True Star is a media company that provides real world work experience to youth through the development of their own media. The True Star Foundation operates a unique model that holds weekly after-school, in-school and summer programming in which students are educated about a variety of disciplines in the media industry. Students not only learn about the profession, they actually work cooperatively to produce, professional-quality work in each area.”

The magazine provides training and experience for young people. They learn how to create, develop and market digital content. The current issue has articles written by teens about current event, fashion, health and opinion pieces.

Guess what? True Star Junior Magazine is free! Download your copy today!

Click Here!

For more information visit www.truestarfoundation.com

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Summer Vibes Pop Up Shop: June 12th 2021 Brooklyn

Get your Tickets HERE! Free General Admission, VIP Tickets available.


A day of music, networking, raffles and shopping. We are so excited to collaborate with amazing designers, boutique owners, chefs and crafters for a fun shopping event. Music, Networking, & Giveaways! Buy handmade items, eat infused treats, drink tropical beverages, shop small find unique gifts for all!

Brooklyn 2021

839 Broadway Brooklyn NY 11206

June 12th 202112pm-5pm

Win a Small Telfar Bag in our raffle! If you are unable to attend you may still enter HERE

Telfar Bags | Telfar Small Chocolate Shopping Bag Vegan Leather | Poshmark

Small businesses who will be in attendance

Zyem NYC


Addictive Brand

Crown Drip

Distinct Flavor Fashions

Lateena Tees

Meyer Lance Brand

Remy Raine Collection

Zyem NYC

Jen’s Gourmet Eats


Brown Sugar Bliss


Don’t Forget The Sweets

Jen’s Gourmet Eats

mmmm Nut Milk

Shay’s Punch

Libations: (21 and up)

Shay’s Punch

Chef Bane G

Canna Infused Food & Treats: (21 and up)

Buddha Bear

Chef Bane G

Els Eds



Arcane Stones

I Am My Own Designs

Beauty Products:

Dulce Beso

K’Essentials Blends

Kurl Hype

Mira Que Wow

Survivante Collection

Sacred Scents

Home Goods & Wellness Items


Yerba Bonita

For more information visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/summer-vibes-pop-up-shop-tickets-154159111051?aff=ebdssbeac

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“Kiss Campaign” by YourMomCares

Jennifer, Naylani & Nahely Crowder Photo by Emily Kornya

Each May, YourMomCares (www.yourmomcares.org) celebrates Mother’s Day and Mental Health Awareness Month by holding the YourMomCares #KissCampaign.

Celebrities, influencers and people across the world post images to social media kissing a mom they love using #KissAMom, to raise awareness for kids’ mental health.
YourMomCares is co-founded by celebrity Moms: Sharon Feldstein (Mother of actors Jonah Hill & Beanie Feldstein), Patsy Noah (Mom of Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine), Terria Joseph (Mom of musician Alicia Keys).

Jane & Liam Kaiser Photo by Emily Kornya

Support YourMomCares and kids’ mental health this Mother’s Day Weekend. Raise awareness by posting on your social media platforms!

Thursday May 6th – Sunday May 9th 2021
Post a picture, past or present, kissing a mom using

Virginie & Millie Köhler Photo by Emily Kornya

In 2014 #YMC Co-Founders and longtime friends Sharon Feldstein (Jonah Hill and Beanie Feldstein’s Mom) and Patsy Noah (Adam Levine’s Mom) were brought together by the White House along with other moms, including Terria Joseph (Alicia Keys’ mom) to do a PSA for the Affordable Care Act. Inspired by the amazing group of women and leaders involved and immediately recognizing the power in the “Your Mom Cares” concept, Sharon, Patsy, and Terria received permission from the White House to take ownership of the brand and #ymc was born.

Dana & Noah Schumann Photos by Emily Kornya
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Summer Vibes Pop Up Shop 2021: Vendor Registration

We are so excited to collaborate with amazing small businesses for a fun fashion event in Brooklyn!

Fresh Kid Nation is a fashion & lifestyle blog that started in 2013. In 2021 Fresh Kid Nation has bloggers in New York, Los Angeles, London, Miami, Washington D.C. and Atlanta. A proven track record of professional and fun experiences for all with Behind The Seams Events, that have taken place in Miami, New York and London. We are well respected in the fashion and entertainment industries.

Music, Networking, Raffles and more!

This event will is scheduled for Saturday June 12th, 2021

Setup: 10:00am-11:30am

Light Refreshments & Vendor Networking: 11:30am-11:55am

Pop Up Shop: 12pm-4:55p

Clean Up: 5:00p-6:00p

Fee: $125

50% deposit due upon application acceptance to hold your spot

Due in full by May 24th 2021

All potential vendors must fill out an application to be reviewed before they are confirmed. We want to ensure this is the right event for our target audience and that our guests are excited to purchase from our vendors.

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Front Row Fashion Challenge: Kids Edition!


The Global Covid-19 pandemic has put a halt to large gatherings and events since Spring 2020. Fashion Week in major cities is either virtual or has a very small socially distanced audience. Tik Tok users @evelilythrifts and @andoej both have appeared to start off the What I’d wear to Fashion Week trend in January 2021!

by Shauna Carr

#frontrowfashionchallenge or #frontrowchallenge and you will find thousands of videos! We of course wanted to see which cool kids had amazing content! Here are my faves!

Naomi Castelo @naomicastelo video is a mix of designer and fast fashion! We adoreher vibrant personality and the her sequin sleeve dress from Shein.

Mason and Mckenzie aka @sorelle.sorelle_2021 These two sisters are front row ready as they sit crossed legged donning inspired looks by Gucci, Burberry, Chanel and their own brand Sorelle Sorelle.

Marlowe @Marlowe.and.me Baby Marlowe is just so adorable in her fashionable looks. She takes us on a journey at designer shows such as Chanel, Stella Kids, Gucci, Burberry, Yeezy and Prada. The Yeezy look is spot on!

Aziya @officiallyziy is a model on the rise she is joined by her pal Tiona @tee_thediamond The girls wear their favorite brands, Heavenly Outcomes, I Am Reserved Row, Bella Bebe, and Converse. I love this video because it highlights independent children’s designers.

Eef Vicca @dolcevicca is a publicist and does a really cute video with her baby Anouk and fellow stuffed animals. “What they’d wear toNYFW from a publicist perspective.” While Baby Anouk nibbles on her Louis Vuitton bag, the stuffed animals steal the show dressed in chic inspired looks from Chloe,Versace, Ralph Lauren and Emilio Pucci. This video will definitely make you laugh out loud.

Charli @lilmsbighairdontcare showcases various fashionable looks from her closet. She does a slightly modified version opting to use Doja Cat’s song Like That. She also captures such a warm and approachable personality like a young bubbly fashion blogger! Her monochromatic first look is a show stopper, a soft pink sparkle turtleneck with soft pink satin pants. A perfect mixture of similar colors and different textures.

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Little Red Fashion: The first kids fashion education company

Little Red Fashion: Fashion is for everyone

Fresh Kid Nation had the opportunity to interview one of the owners of Little Red Fashion. It’s a kids fashion education company, one of the very first ed-tech and publishing start ups that focuses on providing children with digital educational materials in arts, literacy, and STEM fields based on fashion!

Who are the owners?

Jonathan Joseph, Ryan Kendall, James Connor, Nina Gortinski, Emily Swift, Peter Wight


Bicoastal between Fairfield County, Conneticut and Los Angeles

How is your company different from others?

Little Red Fashion is the first comprehensive kids fashion ed-tech & publishing company focused on kids 8-16. With a CSR & sustainability focus we are roll out titles digitally first, with holiday season print drops beginning in fall 2021! We are rolling out a 12 title initial slate of books for kids within that age range beginning with The Little Red Dress: A Kids Book About Fashion currently available for pre-order on our website http://www.LittleRedFashion.com. The Little Red Dress retails for $9.99 and proceeds will help us build out our apps and educational tools.

Make it Mondays with Jonathan Joseph & Emily Swift

What inspired you to create Little Red Fashion?

A few things: for one, I was inspired by my mom’s focus on empowering me as a kid through fashion to love myself and my disability, ataxic cerebral palsy. Our shared search for unique socks to cover my AFO braces led to an obsession with color, fashion, styling, textiles and more that ignited my passion for fashion. On another level I was inspired by my experiences doing luxury womenswear consulting where I become frustrated by otherwise talented individuals whose toxic views regarding body diversity & positivity drove my idea for our tag line: Fashion is for Everyone. I am committed to ensuring the next generation of fashion leaders & creatives sees an industry that sees them back.

I dream of doing my part to create a world that shows kids who love fashion that that there is a place for them no matter who they are, where they come from and what their families look like. I often say on clubhouse and to colleagues that at the end of the day I’m making the kinds of books and resources that I wish had been around when I was young and eager for more expansion in the world of fashion. Thank you so much for the opportunity to share my vision with FreshKidNation.

Tell our readers more about your Kids fashion book!

A Little Red Dress: Kids Book About Fashion

Coming this spring, this kids book describes the little red dress as it tells its life story through rich hand-painted fashion illustrations that spark imagination and teach about the inner workings of the industry through a fun rhyming story perfect for kids 8+.

The mission of this book is to translate a classic story into as many languages as possible so that any kid, anywhere can be inspired to question where clothes come from, how they relate to them and imagine themselves as part of the fashion world.

For more information visit https://littleredfashion.com/

Follow on Instagram @Littleredfashionco

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Bezel Magazine: The Fresh Issue

Featuring 60 of the most stylish kids!

4 special covers!

Christopher Lyon image by @creativesoulphotography

Out now in digital and print get your copy here! $20-$29.00


So many amazing kids!

@lj_chicagokid image by Blake Martin
@ziva_jane image by Liz Linette
@__brookelauren image by Blake Martin

All final edits were made under the discretion of editorial staff.

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Welcome to State of Kind: A children’s online store that promotes positively and builds community!


BrandsWhoCare is a curated collection of fashion products and partnerships that understand the importance of kids’ mental health and giving back. When you purchase any of the items linked below, a percentage of your purchase price will be donated to YourMomCares. Accessory company Light+Nine has done a collaboration with the nonprofit YourMomCares, those are the pins on the bags, pin and some bags are sold at State of Kind.


Photographer Emily Kornya gives us details about her latest project and describes why she started an online shop!

I’m Emily Kornya and I am a Canadian born fashion freelance photographer residing in Europe and working with designers in children’s fashion, toys and accessories in Europe, Toronto and New York. I am known for the natural and playful style of my shoots. Working with children is an absolute joy and advocating for children’s mental health is a passion of mine. State of Kind was inspired by my passions, my life story and my intrinsic sense of purpose.


When brainstorming names for my online store, the question arose, what will be the values upheld by this store? At the core, I want to promote and develop a community (“state”) with a “state of mind”of positivity and “kind”ness. To honour my place of residence, the fashion sector in which I work and the age group in which I want to focus on promoting mental wellness, the German word “kind” was appropriate, as it means “child”. State of Kind is not your ordinary online shop, along with offering high quality children’s positive fashion clothing, it offers a platform & community to inspire kindness and raise awareness for children’s mental wellness.


All brands represented by State of Kind are brands of integrity who produce high quality clothing. Each item represents messages of kindness and mental wellbeing. Photography used on the site highlights children being their authentic selves, in moments of joy. With each item sold, a percentage of the sale will be donated to a mental health charity. I hope that children wearing these positive fashion items will ignite conversations around mental wellness in children and contribute to breaking down the stigma that surrounds mental health.


YourMomCares helps all children by creating and funding innovative, cutting-edge programs and solutions which have a direct impact on children’s mental health. It’s composed of a group of celebrity and influencer moms banding together with moms across America. Come meet everyone involved!

Images: Emily Kornya

For more information visit:


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Amara and Leela are winter chic at the 2021 Inauguration

January 20, 2021 was a unique inauguration celebration at Americas capital mainly due to the pandemic as well as riots that took place just a few days ago.

Joe Biden was elected and sworn in as President of the United States and Kamala Harris the new vice president.

Kamala Harris doesn’t have any children but she does have stepchildren, a niece, Meena Harris and great nieces, whom she adores! These two cuties stole the spotlight in leopard print jackets created by I Love Plum! A children’s apparel company based in NYC!

Their coats were inspired by jackets worn by Kamala as a young girl!

Instagram: @auntiesydney

These coats are truly one of a kind designed and sewn by Sydney Hawes

for more information visit http://www.iloveplum.com

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Top 30 Most Fashionable Kids of 2020

We are super excited about this collaboration with Bezel Magazine which will be releases at a later date in January 2021. All 30 kids will be featured in Bezel Magazine, a Digital and Print Fashion Magazine. The Founder and Editor in Chief is Blake Martin. The Design Director is Carl “Art King” James.

Fresh Kid Nation T-Shirt | Etsy

The number one voted kid will be on the magazine cover and receive a Fresh Kid Nation Swag Bag Gift! T-shirt, Sunglasses and a copy of Black Panther the Young Prince valued at $40

The requirements, must have a high quality image that will be published. Ages 2-17 years old. Models should submit images that showcase their attire or accessories. Voting will be done by our readers! So share the link with family and friends!

Voting will close on January 6th 2021 5pm EST

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Teens Around The World Are Optimistic About 2021

The start of a new year often has many people ready to create and plan for resolutions. A New Year resolution is an old tradition, mainly to improve yourself. We wanted to connect with young people, instead of asking them about their resolutions we asked them what do they hope will happen next year.




My hopes for 2021 is for the world to be back on track to being healthy. Personally, I wants to continue to advance my acting career and also become a success! I have a new cosmetics business Yummi Pops Cosmetics.




My name is Jasmine, and I’m from Ghana. I have a show Talk With Jasmine on YouTube and Instagram. My hopes for next year is to get a bigger platform to motivate people. I also want to to help the poor in my community.




For 2021 I expect to have a great year now I am better prepared for something unexpected but my expectation still stands I look forward to seeing less covid cases and more outdoors activities the industry of entertainment should also be looking up!!



New York City

My hopes for 2021 is to explore new adventures. I’m also planning on traveling more to expand my modeling career. In addition, I’m currently in the process of selecting a High School for 2021/2022. I would like to focus on law and fashion. Again, it was a pleasure working with you at the fall photo shoot and would love the opportunity to work with you again.



United Kingdom

I am a presenter and interviewer and could potentially be the youngest media corespondent in the UK. I am also an upcoming model and actor. I would love to be casted I’m in the UK. My hopes for 2021 is to be the best presenter and interviewer in the UK and to be the youngest media corespondent in the UK. I want to build my confidence as I am determined to help the less fortunate in 2021, to also manage my own magazine or blog. Hope you give me this opportunity.



North Carolina

For 2021 I’m going to hold onto hope. I’m holding on with both hands for what seem impossible is now possible. I’m looking forward to family gathering so I’m going to hold on to celebrations. I’m holding on for peace and love in this world, I’m going to hold on for tears of joy, tears of pride, laughter with friends and family even with myself. I’m holding on to hope, sports, in person learning . Because 2021 will be a year of possibilities smile more, love more, worry less, be happy, be brave, try a little kindness. Believe in yourself create your own kind of MAGIC. Happy New Year 🎆.

Follow these amazing teens on Instagram!

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Top 10 Most Fashionable Kids of 2020

We are honored to be featured in the January 2021 issue of Bezel Magazine. Our team will select 20 finalists and a WEB POLL will be conducted by our followers for the number one spot! DUE DECEMBER 31st 2020 12pm EST

Kids/Teens | Bezel Magazine; The Kids Posh Issue | MagCloud

*All 10 kids will be featured in Bezel Magazine, a Digital and Print Fashion Magazine. The Founder and Editor in Chief is Blake Martin. The Design Director is Carl “Art King” James.

Fresh Kid Nation T-Shirt | Etsy

The number one voted kid will receive a Fresh Kid Nation Swag Bag Gift! T-shirt, Sunglasses and a copy of Black Panther the Young Prince valued at $40

***Contest Guidelines:

Ages 2-17 based anywhere in the world! Must fill out application form to be entered by December 31st 2020 12pm EST

Top 20 Finalists will be voted via web poll from

January 1st 12:00am EST – January 3rd 12pm EST

Bezel Magazine starts at $15 USD-$35 USD available in Print and Digital Formats.

All entrants must allow media release and give photo credit if submitting professional images.

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Kids Who Care: Part 2

2020 has been challenging due to a worldwide pandemic, civil unrest and global warming that has caused wildfires around the world. There are young people who are doing great things to make their communities better! We wanted to highlight those who are doing acts of service and spreading kindness.This is part 2 of our Kids Who Care feature.


Obocho Peters

Brooklyn, USA

Donate here to his Fundraiser

Obocho is 11 years old and the CEO of Obocho’s closet, which helps low income families save money on clothing. He has been featured on Good Morning America, The Wendy Williams Show and Black Enterprise for his charity work.

“I came up with the idea to sell the clothes and shoes I no longer wore when my mom told me that she couldn’t afford to buy me 8 toys from the movie “Avengers Infinity Wars.

During the pandemic Obocho and his mother have expanded their efforts by feeding those in need with Obocho’s Community Food Pantry. He realized many families were struggling during the Covid-19 pandemic and thus his monthly food pantry came together. October 24th 2020 was the very first pantry event and over 120 boxes of food were distributed.

“As a young CEO, I want to continue to be an example that all things are possible and we should never give up. As I see the world through the eyes of a child, I hope that my journey inspires you to continue to have hope that we WILL get through this together. “

On December 19th 2020, The food pantry featured Vegan meals. “I bought healthy food options for 100 pantry bag and also supported a local vegan restaurant by purchasing 100 hot meals for the underserved community. It was a HUGE Success. Thank You so much.”

CharNeema @Itzkirkir

CharNeema Bailey

Wyandanch, USA

I started doing charity work because everyone in my family does it and I have always been apart of doing what I love and helping out others. My mom inspires me to want too Mae an impact. She has been so passionate with doing for others in our community and other locations all her life. She just do and never expect anything in return no matter where she is.

The organization Zion Gospel Institution Food Pantry, is ran by elderly people that prefers to send emails, print and pass out flyers, send text messages and spread by word of mouth. The site will be revised hopefully soon.


“If this is what you want to do, and willing to work for it. Then I say go for it. The world needs you.I plan to continue doing charity work and eventually stating my own organization that will be a great contribution to everyone in my community and beyond.”


Zelda Dedaa Manteaw

London, UK

At just 10 years old, she is a old multi talented award winning professional female DJ and Philanthropist in the UK. DJ Zel has been inspiring and empowering the young the youth and the older generation through her DJing and charity work. DJ Zel has a passion for less privileged children in Africa and she want to put a smile on children faces. She has a plan to feed million of children globally. Last year July 2019 she went to Ghana her motherland to do her charity work. She donated to Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital Children’s surgical ward and Apam orphanage home. DJ Zel is dreaming to build children hospital in Africa in the future.

What impact have you made in your community?

“I have donated to Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital Children’s Surgical Ward and Apam Orphanage Home and l have also joined top 10,000 djs around the world to raised funds to support children in Africa during covid 19 crisis makes me feel happy and fulfilled. If l have been able to do it you can also do it. GET STARTED AND LET MAKE A DIFFERENCE!”

“The advice l will give to other kids who want to start a non profit organizations is that if you have the passion for supporting and giving back to your community is very rewarding and for that fact that you are putting smiles on people’s faces and making people’s live better is a great good impact on others and it’s a worthy cause which l will advice any kid to do. Starting a non profit takes alot of time, focus, and hard a hard work. You have to know your purpose and your goals, and the community that you want to support. Sometimes there will be challenges and struggle but never give up, you can do it. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Choose a cause that you want to support. There are a lot of worthy cause you can support. It will help you to make a positive impact in your community or society. As a DJ, a model and philanthropist my vision is to feed millions of less privileged children in Africa.”


Heaven Hightower

Atlanta, USA

Heaven Help One Help All Foundation Inc. is a non profit that she started in 2015. Based in Atlanta, Heaven’s mission is to help families in need of food, clothing and more. Her latest effort was feeding the homeless who were greatly impacted by Covid-19. She was featured by CBS46 for her efforts.

” I disliked seeing other families in need of the same needs I have and it was in my heart. My mother inspires me and God because we are in this together as a team we all love helping others. ”

Heaven along with Goodr deliver meals to needy metro Atlanta families affected by the pandemic on Tuesdays. – Heaven Hightower is on a mission to make sure no family or child goes without a nutritious meal during the pandemic. So, she’s partnered with Goodr to delivers dozens of meals each week. Volunteers with Heaven Help One Help All package food distributed by Goodr for delivery.

Every Tuesday, Goodr drops off surplus food that Heaven and her team of volunteers package and deliver to needy families around metro Atlanta.

Goodr is an Atlanta-based startup that redistributes surplus food from large businesses like Chick-fil-A and Coca Cola, to nonprofits that feed the hungry so that food isn’t wasted.

“When I get older I will grow in my community and continue to help others.”

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NYC Casting Call for Fearless Herbal Hair Care Products by Shining Star Kids

Shining Star Kids is launching a new hair care line and is looking for kids ages

5-8 years old to be a part of their upcoming campaign. This is a great opportunity for aspiring actors and models!

Casting 3-4 models

one boy

2-3 girls

all backgrounds.

ages 5-8 years old

Model Compensation : Travel Hair Care Kit with Fearless Herbal Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Oil , Full Size Edge control, Bonnet, Fearless T-Shirt and High Resolution Images

Must be available Monday, Morning January 18th 2021 in Brooklyn, NY.

Hair will be styled on set come with it washed and in natural state.

Apply Here: https://forms.gle/JqaNXDDScHfXjdmE9

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Kids Who Care 2020: Part 1

Madison starts a diversity library in her community

This year has been challenging due to a worldwide pandemic, civil unrest and global warming that has caused wildfires around the world. we wanted to highlight young people who are making an impact in their communities. This proves that no matter your age, you can take small steps to change the world!

Jahkil Jackson @officialprojectiam

Jahkil Jackson

Chicago, USA

Project I Am


Currently fundraising

“After feeding the homeless with our aunt when I was 5, I decided I wanted to figure out how to help people with no homes. Organization was started when I was 8 where I decided to provide temporary support for those in need by way of blessing bags filled with toiletry items like wipes, soap, socks, tissue, lotion etc.”

What advice would you give kids who want to start an organization?

“Start small, don’t take on too much. Think about something that you are really passionate about, don’t do what you think is popular instead of what you really have a love for. I will continue with my organization, hopefully helping people actually find homes to get off of the street.

There are so many that inspire me. My parents, my grandma, young people who look up to me and most importantly is the folks that I service.”

Kennedi Washington @booksthroughmyeyes

Kennedi Washington

Easton, USA

“The two main ways I give back to my community are donating animal donations to my local shelter, and being a reading advocate to kids my age.I post my reading journey on @booksthroughmyeyes on Instagram!

My parents always taught me that I am fortunate, and I need to think of others around me. I have been volunteering since I was three years old, and have continued volunteering ever since. You should be passionate about whatever it is you are promoting! If you enjoy it that is all that matters. Work hard and you will see results you want!”

How will you continue to make an impact in the world when you are older? 

“I will continue to donate to animal shelters for my birthday each year. I also hope to expand my social media platform throughout the years or maybe partner with organizations! My mom and other influencers around me like Saraciea Fennell the founder of The Bronx is Reading and author Mahogany L. Browne inspire me to continue volunteering.”



New Jersey, USA

Madison’s Magical Book Library

Madison’s Magical Book Library Facebook Group

Why did you start doing charity work in your community? 

“I was 4 years old and had a lemonade stand for the Texas flood victims. Having that be so successful, she held lemonade stands for different charities every year. My favorite was using the money for medication needed for two rescue puppies. When they were all better I was able to meet them! It is sad because with Covid-19 I can not have a lemonade stand this year. “

Her mom provides us with more details about her work.

Madison has been saddened by everything happening in the world. She was upset with the George Floyd incident and didn’t understand what was going on. She wanted to do something positive. She started a Diversity Library at our her home in NJ. Her vision is to create a library that is full of books that have characters of different races, ethnicities, religions, and abilities. She looks forward to sharing them with the community. She hold events in her backyard that incorporate a book and a fun experience or guest readers. We have had the police department read and motivational speakers. We have black owned and multicultural companies come as well as children and adults with disabilities.

“When I am older I would like to continue to help the environment and people. Get an idea and just do it! Get involved in your community. Seeing people and animals getting better and getting what they need gives me inspiration.”


Winter Noel Joy

Baltimore, USA

Digital Squares of Positivity

Tell us more about your charity work?

I started a movement to spread faith hope kindness and compassion the main goal is to remind the world that LOVE is contagious too. We collect now collect digital squares of positivity! I began this work after being bullied and hearing about a young girl named Jasmine who killed her self because of bullying. I wanted kids to know that bullying does hurt. I went to a new school.

“Not all kids can transfer schools so I use to collect these fabric squares at events and kids could write how they felt inside and put prayers inside. Now because of COVID they transformed to a digital platform and I have made friends from all over the globe like a different Jasmine and she’s in Ghana. This work means a lot to me I want to start raising money to make T-shirts in the future that also spread love because now is the time to heal. I also started taking pictures my photography business is called Soliel l’avis the point of this work is simply to continue in the mission of spreading positivity. I show pics of how I feel even though things are complicated right now it’s okay to look at the BEAUTIFUL things and focus on those things like the sun the sunset and water. Those things make me happy and don’t focus on the problems.”

“Do what comes to your heart. This work began out of hurt. You can help others and heal your self at the same time. You can use your talents to help others. I want to be an actress because I need to express myself. I am actually shy but you can’t tell on stage or on camera. I hope you just start you non profit because you will impact the world.I will keep working on my photography and collecting squares. I will keep acting and using my voice to be a change agent. I will stay positive and try to help others.”

Who inspires you do to make an impact in your community? 

“My sister, I see her work so hard. She has a design business and digital art business. She follows her dreams. I love my big sister so much. Nothing stops her problems push her harder. My Mom teaches us to look beyond our circumstances. We are homeless right now and she just made baskets with my church for homeless families. I was like we need a basket and she reminded me that somewhere someone has less.”


Tahlia South

The Bronx, USA

Tahlia and Tovelle Cares

Why did you start doing charity work in The Bronx?

” I wanted to start doing charity work in my community because I know that there are people out there that need help. I want kids to know to always try and never give up. My mom inspires me because she is always giving back and when I am older I want to continue to help the homeless. “

Tahlia makes blessing bags with essential items for those in need. Soaps, tooth brushes, combs and more. She also makes birthday cards for kids who are in the hospital.

“I’m using my love of coloring and drawing to encourage kids in the hospital who are sick, I want to cheer them up!”

Follow these amazing children on their journey by visiting their websites or social media pages!

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Throwback Thursday: What’s Your Passion Takes Over Atlanta

Guests attend the What’s Your Passion ATL take over event

On Tuesday November 24, 2020, WYP Takes Over Atlanta took place at Sparkles Family Fun in the Atlanta area. Bringing together young influencers, talented teens and celebs, the event’s purpose was to network and bring together creators in a positive and safe environment. Guests were limited and treated to an afternoon of skating, snacks and giftbags. Fresh Kid Nation bloggers Shonda and Aniyah were on the scene to capture behind the scenes fun and interview attendees.

@ammenhalee and @aniyahsimsmodels

NTh3crib provided professional production services along with New Magic Productions network; guest were kept engaged and entertained with on the red carpet with Lil T3rry and Rocco.

What’s Your Passion is a Motivational Media and Lifestyle Brand inspiring people to find their true passion. They host events that bring together young talented people together to network and learn. WYP believes everyone has a natural talent & purpose.

On it’s website we learn that the mission of WYP is:

“Many of the world’s biggest problems are rooted around depression, a lack of inspiration and anger. Through influencer partners that believe in the cause, WYP will create motivational content and product that spreads positivity and self awareness. “

for more information visit: https://www.wypnation.com/

Images from Shonda Sims @kittkatt1204

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Black Fashion World Foundation presents Fashion & Cultural Convo with Jamel Shabazz

Jamel Shabazz
Image by Michael McCoy

On October 22, 2020, Carla Nelson the founder of Black Fashion World Foundation interviewed the legendary Jamel Shabazz, a documentary photographer and a visual artist. Black Fashion World Foundation is a non-profit whose mission is to empower black fashion entrepreneurs through educational events, networking and opportunity events that will guide them in the right direction to access capital or receive mentorship and advice from industry experts.

A Look at New York Through the Lens of Jamel Shabazz

Jamel Shabazz, born and raised in Brooklyn, learned from his father who served in the army. His uncle and brother are also photographers. He described his skill as as a divine gift and a blessing.

New Exhibit Celebrates Jamel Shabazz's New York Street Photography

“I have responsibilty to use my eyes to make a contribution to the world. Images that bring joy and love. That have purpose and the perservation of our history and culture. Family photo albums were important to have. At age 15 he picked up a camera. His father had a vast librray of photography books, this is how he learned the power of photography and the creative process.

Young Blood 1982

“The camera is 3 things, time machine, compass and a weapon. Photographs served as roadmaps on his journey of life. it guided him to different places. “

After seeing photographs in the book Black & White America by Leonard Freed. when he around was 8 or 9 years old. Shabazz was exposed to Harlem, segreated south and exposed to racism through this book and unfamilar photography.

It made him want to travel and see the larger country and the world. “The language of photography allowed me see the larger world!’

Spent a lot of time in the local library. Over 45 years of visual memories.

now the imags need to be documentation of protests like George Floyd someone happened to film it!

No One Sees NYC Quite Like Jamel Shabazz | SSENSE

He introduces himself and gets to know them. Shabazz tells us a photograph is evidence of their conversation. Thats what we don’t see. He needed to be a voice especially in the 80’s. Recognizing their greatness and beauty. He uses his creativity to bring out a positive change in his community. He wanted to know the people to overt the crack and AIDS epidemic which devestated the Black community.

Shabazz Jamel : photographer | Black culture, Hip hop culture, Happy photos

Carla Nelson states “These images will tell our stories fo years to come.” I agree, Shabazz’s photographs capture my childhood and I often refer to his images when styling a retro themed shoot. His photographs were used in my college costume design class at Syracuse University. I was chosen to present fashion during the 1980’s and I was so excited to share what I remember we wore growing up in Brooklyn during 1988. It wasn’t neon leggings or powersuits; we wore leather jackets from Delancey street, Reeboks and gold hoops.

Determination 1980

Shabazz replies “I’m doing my part to make sure our history is preserved. I have to be on the frontlines to show a counter balance. I try to find beauty in everybody.”

Some advice he has for aspiring artists include, the importance of studying the greats, be versatile, and try various styles and exhibitions. Shabazz chuckles, “It’s complicated now because everyone has cameras.”

He also suggests that aspiring photographers should also consider doing a book to showcase their work to larger audiences, and self publish! Use the power of social media to share your work and follow other photographers. Develop your own style! Use a different perspective.

For more information visit: https://blackfashionworld.org/

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Back To School 2020

The start of the school year has been deeply impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Children around the world have to adapt to hybrid, remote learning or going back to school with restrictions put in place. The school season has officially started all around the world and we interviewed children about their experiences.

Destinee Simon


Grade 5

Ontario, Canada

I’m both excited and nervous, I missed my friends and even my grade 4 teacher. Mom walks me through the protocols over and over so that I do my part to keep safe. I can’t wait to see my bff they coming to school too because their moms have to work.

Malena Searles


Year 8

Sydney, Australia

“I like going to school and seeing my friends”

Grace Avera Pierce


First Grade

North Carolina, USA

I can’t wait to go back. Mom states, As long as protocols are followed then some form of normalcy is needed.


Ryleigh Towner


California, USA

I feel happy about kindergarten but sometimes it’s hard with using the computer and I really miss being in a classroom with my friends (she’s doing distance learning)



Staffordshire, UK

I’m a little bit scared, but I really want to see my friends. Change isn’t always bad.

Layla Fendley


6th Grade

Arizona, USA

I don’t really like going back to school online. Staring at a screen all day is lonely and the connection issues frustrate me at times.i can’t wait until we can go back in person. I want to see my friends and hug them. I miss being able to hug people. I miss competitions in class. I miss being able to go to clubs and getting music lessons in person. I miss not having to worry about wearing a mask everywhere! I just want to enjoy my last year of elementary with my friends.

E’niah Anderson


3rd Grade

North Carolina, USA

I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see my friends again!



Massachusetts, USA

7th Grade

It’s a weird feeling. Part of me feels blah, because I’ve been spending so much time at home and now I’m kind of used to it. But on the other hand I’m excited to see my friends. I haven’t seen most of them since things shut down. We are doing hybrid so two days in school and three days online.

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The 3 Layers Challenge

Hi everyone! My name is Maya aka Maya Glitters and I am one of Fresh Kid Nation’s Uk bloggers! I am a kidpreneur fashion blogger, kid fashionista, presenter, podcast host and content creator. I am also fashion editor for Cocoa Girl Magazine!

Here’s how to get started:
Layer #1 – Cute camo trousers and off – the – shoulder top

Layer #2 – Cute camo trousers, off – the – shoulder top, star – pattern gilet

Layer #3 – Cute camo trousers, off – the – shoulder top, star – pattern gilet, pom pom hairband from Maya Style.

I founded the challenge and I am planning to launch it on social media networks in the future. I started the challenge because I wanted to show the versatility of clothing items. And many ways they can be used!


Check out fashion influencer Rimya and her layered look! She starts with a pink polka dot dress as her base layer, scarf for her second item and finishes the look off with a ruffle shawl and sunglasses.

Geianna Gonzalez Athlete & Model

Geianna perfectly nails her fall 3 layer outfit that is cozy and chic for the changing weather!


This challenge is a predicted social media phenomenon! Savannah is a teen entrepreneur who rocked her 3 layers look. Her denim duster is versatile and can be worn tied up.

I love how Aubrielle created a new look with by layering a bright yellow shirt and coordinating headband over her jeans.


Don’t forget to tag your own videos on social media with #mayaglitterschallenge #3layerschallenge

Here is my blog link https://mayaglitters.wixsite.com/website

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