NYC Casting Call for Fearless Herbal Hair Care Products by Shining Star Kids

Shining Star Kids is launching a new hair care line and is looking for kids ages

5-8 years old to be a part of their upcoming campaign. This is a great opportunity for aspiring actors and models!

Casting 3-4 models

one boy

2-3 girls

all backgrounds.

ages 5-8 years old

Model Compensation : Travel Hair Care Kit with Fearless Herbal Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Oil , Full Size Edge control, Bonnet, Fearless T-Shirt and High Resolution Images

Must be available Monday, Morning January 18th 2021 in Brooklyn, NY.

Hair will be styled on set come with it washed and in natural state.

Apply Here:

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Kids Who Care 2020: Part 1

Madison starts a diversity library in her community

This year has been challenging due to a worldwide pandemic, civil unrest and global warming that has caused wildfires around the world. we wanted to highlight young people who are making an impact in their communities. This proves that no matter your age, you can take small steps to change the world!

Jahkil Jackson @officialprojectiam

Jahkil Jackson

Chicago, USA

Project I Am

Currently fundraising

“After feeding the homeless with our aunt when I was 5, I decided I wanted to figure out how to help people with no homes. Organization was started when I was 8 where I decided to provide temporary support for those in need by way of blessing bags filled with toiletry items like wipes, soap, socks, tissue, lotion etc.”

What advice would you give kids who want to start an organization?

“Start small, don’t take on too much. Think about something that you are really passionate about, don’t do what you think is popular instead of what you really have a love for. I will continue with my organization, hopefully helping people actually find homes to get off of the street.

There are so many that inspire me. My parents, my grandma, young people who look up to me and most importantly is the folks that I service.”

Kennedi Washington @booksthroughmyeyes

Kennedi Washington

Easton, USA

“The two main ways I give back to my community are donating animal donations to my local shelter, and being a reading advocate to kids my age.I post my reading journey on @booksthroughmyeyes on Instagram!

My parents always taught me that I am fortunate, and I need to think of others around me. I have been volunteering since I was three years old, and have continued volunteering ever since. You should be passionate about whatever it is you are promoting! If you enjoy it that is all that matters. Work hard and you will see results you want!”

How will you continue to make an impact in the world when you are older? 

“I will continue to donate to animal shelters for my birthday each year. I also hope to expand my social media platform throughout the years or maybe partner with organizations! My mom and other influencers around me like Saraciea Fennell the founder of The Bronx is Reading and author Mahogany L. Browne inspire me to continue volunteering.”


New Jersey, USA

Madison’s Magical Book Library

Madison’s Magical Book Library Facebook Group

Why did you start doing charity work in your community? 

“I was 4 years old and had a lemonade stand for the Texas flood victims. Having that be so successful, she held lemonade stands for different charities every year. My favorite was using the money for medication needed for two rescue puppies. When they were all better I was able to meet them! It is sad because with Covid-19 I can not have a lemonade stand this year. “

Her mom provides us with more details about her work.

Madison has been saddened by everything happening in the world. She was upset with the George Floyd incident and didn’t understand what was going on. She wanted to do something positive. She started a Diversity Library at our her home in NJ. Her vision is to create a library that is full of books that have characters of different races, ethnicities, religions, and abilities. She looks forward to sharing them with the community. She hold events in her backyard that incorporate a book and a fun experience or guest readers. We have had the police department read and motivational speakers. We have black owned and multicultural companies come as well as children and adults with disabilities.

“When I am older I would like to continue to help the environment and people. Get an idea and just do it! Get involved in your community. Seeing people and animals getting better and getting what they need gives me inspiration.”


Winter Noel Joy

Baltimore, USA

Digital Squares of Positivity

Tell us more about your charity work?

I started a movement to spread faith hope kindness and compassion the main goal is to remind the world that LOVE is contagious too. We collect now collect digital squares of positivity! I began this work after being bullied and hearing about a young girl named Jasmine who killed her self because of bullying. I wanted kids to know that bullying does hurt. I went to a new school.

“Not all kids can transfer schools so I use to collect these fabric squares at events and kids could write how they felt inside and put prayers inside. Now because of COVID they transformed to a digital platform and I have made friends from all over the globe like a different Jasmine and she’s in Ghana. This work means a lot to me I want to start raising money to make T-shirts in the future that also spread love because now is the time to heal. I also started taking pictures my photography business is called Soliel l’avis the point of this work is simply to continue in the mission of spreading positivity. I show pics of how I feel even though things are complicated right now it’s okay to look at the BEAUTIFUL things and focus on those things like the sun the sunset and water. Those things make me happy and don’t focus on the problems.”

“Do what comes to your heart. This work began out of hurt. You can help others and heal your self at the same time. You can use your talents to help others. I want to be an actress because I need to express myself. I am actually shy but you can’t tell on stage or on camera. I hope you just start you non profit because you will impact the world.I will keep working on my photography and collecting squares. I will keep acting and using my voice to be a change agent. I will stay positive and try to help others.”

Who inspires you do to make an impact in your community? 

“My sister, I see her work so hard. She has a design business and digital art business. She follows her dreams. I love my big sister so much. Nothing stops her problems push her harder. My Mom teaches us to look beyond our circumstances. We are homeless right now and she just made baskets with my church for homeless families. I was like we need a basket and she reminded me that somewhere someone has less.”


Tahlia South

The Bronx, USA

Tahlia and Tovelle Cares

Why did you start doing charity work in The Bronx?

” I wanted to start doing charity work in my community because I know that there are people out there that need help. I want kids to know to always try and never give up. My mom inspires me because she is always giving back and when I am older I want to continue to help the homeless. “

Tahlia makes blessing bags with essential items for those in need. Soaps, tooth brushes, combs and more. She also makes birthday cards for kids who are in the hospital.

“I’m using my love of coloring and drawing to encourage kids in the hospital who are sick, I want to cheer them up!”

Follow these amazing children on their journey by visiting their websites or social media pages!

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Throwback Thursday: What’s Your Passion Takes Over Atlanta

Guests attend the What’s Your Passion ATL take over event

On Tuesday November 24, 2020, WYP Takes Over Atlanta took place at Sparkles Family Fun in the Atlanta area. Bringing together young influencers, talented teens and celebs, the event’s purpose was to network and bring together creators in a positive and safe environment. Guests were limited and treated to an afternoon of skating, snacks and giftbags. Fresh Kid Nation bloggers Shonda and Aniyah were on the scene to capture behind the scenes fun and interview attendees.

@ammenhalee and @aniyahsimsmodels

NTh3crib provided professional production services along with New Magic Productions network; guest were kept engaged and entertained with on the red carpet with Lil T3rry and Rocco.

What’s Your Passion is a Motivational Media and Lifestyle Brand inspiring people to find their true passion. They host events that bring together young talented people together to network and learn. WYP believes everyone has a natural talent & purpose.

On it’s website we learn that the mission of WYP is:

“Many of the world’s biggest problems are rooted around depression, a lack of inspiration and anger. Through influencer partners that believe in the cause, WYP will create motivational content and product that spreads positivity and self awareness. “

for more information visit:

Images from Shonda Sims @kittkatt1204

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Black Fashion World Foundation presents Fashion & Cultural Convo with Jamel Shabazz

Jamel Shabazz
Image by Michael McCoy

On October 22, 2020, Carla Nelson the founder of Black Fashion World Foundation interviewed the legendary Jamel Shabazz, a documentary photographer and a visual artist. Black Fashion World Foundation is a non-profit whose mission is to empower black fashion entrepreneurs through educational events, networking and opportunity events that will guide them in the right direction to access capital or receive mentorship and advice from industry experts.

A Look at New York Through the Lens of Jamel Shabazz

Jamel Shabazz, born and raised in Brooklyn, learned from his father who served in the army. His uncle and brother are also photographers. He described his skill as as a divine gift and a blessing.

New Exhibit Celebrates Jamel Shabazz's New York Street Photography

“I have responsibilty to use my eyes to make a contribution to the world. Images that bring joy and love. That have purpose and the perservation of our history and culture. Family photo albums were important to have. At age 15 he picked up a camera. His father had a vast librray of photography books, this is how he learned the power of photography and the creative process.

Young Blood 1982

“The camera is 3 things, time machine, compass and a weapon. Photographs served as roadmaps on his journey of life. it guided him to different places. “

After seeing photographs in the book Black & White America by Leonard Freed. when he around was 8 or 9 years old. Shabazz was exposed to Harlem, segreated south and exposed to racism through this book and unfamilar photography.

It made him want to travel and see the larger country and the world. “The language of photography allowed me see the larger world!’

Spent a lot of time in the local library. Over 45 years of visual memories.

now the imags need to be documentation of protests like George Floyd someone happened to film it!

No One Sees NYC Quite Like Jamel Shabazz | SSENSE

He introduces himself and gets to know them. Shabazz tells us a photograph is evidence of their conversation. Thats what we don’t see. He needed to be a voice especially in the 80’s. Recognizing their greatness and beauty. He uses his creativity to bring out a positive change in his community. He wanted to know the people to overt the crack and AIDS epidemic which devestated the Black community.

Shabazz Jamel : photographer | Black culture, Hip hop culture, Happy photos

Carla Nelson states “These images will tell our stories fo years to come.” I agree, Shabazz’s photographs capture my childhood and I often refer to his images when styling a retro themed shoot. His photographs were used in my college costume design class at Syracuse University. I was chosen to present fashion during the 1980’s and I was so excited to share what I remember we wore growing up in Brooklyn during 1988. It wasn’t neon leggings or powersuits; we wore leather jackets from Delancey street, Reeboks and gold hoops.

Determination 1980

Shabazz replies “I’m doing my part to make sure our history is preserved. I have to be on the frontlines to show a counter balance. I try to find beauty in everybody.”

Some advice he has for aspiring artists include, the importance of studying the greats, be versatile, and try various styles and exhibitions. Shabazz chuckles, “It’s complicated now because everyone has cameras.”

He also suggests that aspiring photographers should also consider doing a book to showcase their work to larger audiences, and self publish! Use the power of social media to share your work and follow other photographers. Develop your own style! Use a different perspective.

For more information visit:

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Back To School 2020

The start of the school year has been deeply impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Children around the world have to adapt to hybrid, remote learning or going back to school with restrictions put in place. The school season has officially started all around the world and we interviewed children about their experiences.

Destinee Simon


Grade 5

Ontario, Canada

I’m both excited and nervous, I missed my friends and even my grade 4 teacher. Mom walks me through the protocols over and over so that I do my part to keep safe. I can’t wait to see my bff they coming to school too because their moms have to work.

Malena Searles


Year 8

Sydney, Australia

“I like going to school and seeing my friends”

Grace Avera Pierce


First Grade

North Carolina, USA

I can’t wait to go back. Mom states, As long as protocols are followed then some form of normalcy is needed.


Ryleigh Towner


California, USA

I feel happy about kindergarten but sometimes it’s hard with using the computer and I really miss being in a classroom with my friends (she’s doing distance learning)



Staffordshire, UK

I’m a little bit scared, but I really want to see my friends. Change isn’t always bad.

Layla Fendley


6th Grade

Arizona, USA

I don’t really like going back to school online. Staring at a screen all day is lonely and the connection issues frustrate me at times.i can’t wait until we can go back in person. I want to see my friends and hug them. I miss being able to hug people. I miss competitions in class. I miss being able to go to clubs and getting music lessons in person. I miss not having to worry about wearing a mask everywhere! I just want to enjoy my last year of elementary with my friends.

E’niah Anderson


3rd Grade

North Carolina, USA

I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see my friends again!



Massachusetts, USA

7th Grade

It’s a weird feeling. Part of me feels blah, because I’ve been spending so much time at home and now I’m kind of used to it. But on the other hand I’m excited to see my friends. I haven’t seen most of them since things shut down. We are doing hybrid so two days in school and three days online.

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The 3 Layers Challenge

Hi everyone! My name is Maya aka Maya Glitters and I am one of Fresh Kid Nation’s Uk bloggers! I am a kidpreneur fashion blogger, kid fashionista, presenter, podcast host and content creator. I am also fashion editor for Cocoa Girl Magazine!

Here’s how to get started:
Layer #1 – Cute camo trousers and off – the – shoulder top

Layer #2 – Cute camo trousers, off – the – shoulder top, star – pattern gilet

Layer #3 – Cute camo trousers, off – the – shoulder top, star – pattern gilet, pom pom hairband from Maya Style.

I founded the challenge and I am planning to launch it on social media networks in the future. I started the challenge because I wanted to show the versatility of clothing items. And many ways they can be used!


Check out fashion influencer Rimya and her layered look! She starts with a pink polka dot dress as her base layer, scarf for her second item and finishes the look off with a ruffle shawl and sunglasses.

Geianna Gonzalez Athlete & Model

Geianna perfectly nails her fall 3 layer outfit that is cozy and chic for the changing weather!


This challenge is a predicted social media phenomenon! Savannah is a teen entrepreneur who rocked her 3 layers look. Her denim duster is versatile and can be worn tied up.

I love how Aubrielle created a new look with by layering a bright yellow shirt and coordinating headband over her jeans.


Don’t forget to tag your own videos on social media with #mayaglitterschallenge #3layerschallenge

Here is my blog link

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Throwback Thursday: NTH3CRiB Meet and Greet Concert 2020

@slaygangperiod performs for an excited audience

On June 28th 2020, the prestigious Georgia based media platform NTH3CRiB held a community Red Carpet Meet and Greet event along with a Youth Talent Show in the city of Atlanta, GA to provide children and young teens a safe, fun environment to be themselves, play and showcase their talents during the COVID19 pandemic. Hundreds of people in Atlanta and surrounding cities came out to celebrate and be a part of the milestone event catered to the youth and designed to give inner-city children something positive to participate in during these harsh times.

5 year old rapper @iamangelijoi

Over 150 guests came out to enjoy meeting young star and entertainers! Including our own Aniya Sims who performed and showcased her clothing line NY NY Closet.

Appearances were made by:

Siblings @aniyasimsmodels and @wavyyvon_

* Zariah
* Angel Joi
* Aniya
* Kaci the Model
* Poppin Squad
* Slay Gang
* We are Young and Famous
* Layla Young (Ashlynn)
* Jojo
* RJ
* Fly girl Mari
* Zuri Nicole
* Caleb
* Kalothe1
* Jessica Ariel
* Trinity
* Rey Sunshine
* Lil Strawberry
* Legynd
* Dj Bear

The NTH3CRiB Red Carpet Meet and Greet event was created to treat the young stars of the future like a celebrity today, make all the event attendees feel like VIPs and to bring the people of the community together for family friendly entertainment and fun during these bleak times. The event was also created to spread awareness of the NTH3CRiB brand as a whole. We also created the event to encourage networking, relationship building and the opportunity to mingle with many other like minded individuals in the area.

In a statement we learn that
“NTH3CRiB is the premiere media platform and brand founded by Michael Terry along with his wife / business partner Alyscia Terry in Sept. of 2019 in the state of Georgia. The concept for NTH3CRiB was initiated by being inspired by programs and stations such as ESPN, The Breakfast Club, Red Table, 85 South, The Joe Budden Podcast just to name a few. The concept of the show is to give the audience an at home “in the crib” type of feeling and vibe hence the title NTH3CRiB.

@lilstrawberry302 performs

The vastly growing media platform also hosts interviews from various entertainers, public figures, movers, shakers and prominent voices in the community and NTH3CRiB gives every single guest the red carpet treatment regardless of their background or status. In the future the platform plans to include debates, skits, live performance segments and TV Shows to their programming. Moving forward, NTH3CRiB plans to make a difference and impact in the community as well, creating job opportunities for others, working with the youth, collaborating with and assisting non profit organizations, Churches and charities.”

For More information Visit:





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Behind The Seams: Global Kids Fashion Meet Up

Get your tickets online now!

Fresh Kid Nation brings the only Global Kids Fashion Meet Up to the virtual world. Partnering with Super Rich Kids Brand, this event will bring together fashion industry experts, agents, mommy bloggers, young models and photographers. This event will inform attendees on how to break into the fashion industry and the various opportunities besides modeling.

Day 1 Saturday September 26th 2020 3pm EST- 4pm EST

Day 2 Sunday September 27th 3pm EST-4pm EST

A panel discussion of fashion industry insiders will share their insights and journey, followed by an audience Q &A. Moderated by Sincere of Kids Want To Know and Inspiring Vanessa

Sincere Quinones

Vanessa Sam @inspiringvanessa

We invite parents of youth ages 0-17 years from the around the world who are interested in breaking into the modeling industry. We also invite parents and youth who have experience but would like to learn how to book an agent, get more gigs and to network with industry insiders. Children who are interested in modeling, designing, or photography are also encouraged to attend!

Follow us on Instagram @behindtheseamsevents

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Ode to Trayvon: How the teen’s death sparked a movement around the world.

Trayvon Martin Artwork by MOOKAXBROOK

On July 13th, 2013, Alicia Garza posted on her Facebook page a love letter to black people after George Zimmerman was acquitted of murdering 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

Garza decided to write a “love letter to black people” with the idea that inspired the first #BlackLivesMatter hashtag.

She writes “black people. I love you. I love us. Our lives matter.” Her friend Patrisse Marie Cullors- Brignac types a response, and reposts “ declaration; black bodies bro no longer be sacrificed for the rest of the world’s enlightenment. I am done. Trayvon you are loved infinitely. #blacklivesmatter

Alicia Garza, co founder of BLM photo credit:

Another friend Opal Tometi reached out and offered assistance creating a digital platform and thus Black Lives Matter was created. It is a movement and a foundation that pledges to eradicate white supremacy and to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities, as stated on their website.

We asked teens around the country their thoughts on Black Lives Matter and how they feel knowing it was because of Trayvon Martin’s untimely death. Their words and photos are shared through out this article.

Mackenzie Elliot age 17, states “When Alicia Garza made her facebook post after Trayvon’s Death introducing what we now know of as #BlackLivesMatter it opened the eyes of many. it showed that Trayvon’s tragic death was more than just a murder, he was murdered beecause of the color of his skin and thats an ongoing issue in America. It’s almost as if we are an endangered species, raising awareness so that our lives can be prolonged.”

Mackenzie Eliot age 17, New York

The hashtag has turned into an international movement that campaigns against systematic racism and violence towards black people. Trayvon Martin was murdered by Zimmerman who profiled him, called 911 to report a suspicious intruder in the neighborhood, and despite being told to wait, chased him and tried to detain the teen firing his weapon as the scuffled. Trayvon,a high school junior had just turned 17 years old on February 5th, he was visiting his father. He died from the gunshot wound on February 26, 2012.

His death and the non guilty verdict sparked an entire movement about systematic racism, biased criminal justice system and the debate at large of America’s history of racism; leaving many with unanswered question of freedom, equality, and justice, for who?

“Alicia Garza’s response was very powerful and inspirational to me and many others. “ Trey, 16 shares memories of the trial and Trayvon.

“At the time I was 9 years old and it was the first time I felt a pure, undying hatred for a person. I felt afraid for my family and anger towards people like George Zimmerman, but once I saw just how many people were willing to fight against this injustice, I felt hopeful and determined; my focus shifted from the darker side of the situation to the light. Trayvon Martin’s death sparked a movement that allowed people of color to come together and find belonging. In a way, it created an army that gave the oppressed a place to have hope and combat injustice.”

Trey Custodio age 16, Virginia

Trayvon was shot and killed on February 26th 2012 while returning from the near by 7-Eleven with Skittles, Arizona ice tea, earphones, a cigarette lighter and about $40 in cash. Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer was patrolling the townhouse community of the Retreat at Twin Lakes in Sanford, Florida. He claims he shot Trayvon in self defense after a physical altercation. Officers arrived on the scene to find the teen was unresponsive and Zimmerman with a bloody nose and cuts on the back of his head. There were no eyewitnesses and he wasn’t arrested as he claimed self defense.

Trayvon’s parents demanded there be a throughout investigation as their son had no prior arrests or criminal background. Protests and rallies were held in cities all over the nation. In New York City, March 21, 2013 hundreds of people gathered for the Million Hoodie March, demanding justice for Martin. Six weeks later, April 11th 2012, Zimmerman was arrested and then later tried for second-degree murder.

It took 3 weeks for the jury, composed of 6 women to reach a verdict, on July 12th 2012 Zimmerman was found not guilty on all counts. He maintained he shot Martin in self defense after being knocked to the ground and having his head banged in the ground. “We’re ecstatic with the results,” defense attorney for Zimmerman, Mark O’Mara stated after the verdict. “George Zimmerman was never guilty of anything except protecting himself in self-defense.”

His parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton were not at the verdict reading, his father tweeted “Even though I am broken hearted my faith is unshattered I WILL ALWAYS LOVE MY BABY TRAY.” They founded the Trayvon Martin Foundation, which is dedicated to helping parents and families that have lost children to gun violence.

Tracy Martin & Sybrina Fulton s
at the screening of Rest In Power
Photo Credit: Evan Agostini

“I feel that the Black Lives Matter Movement is very powerful, but the cries of people around the world for justice, especially black people, should have been heard centuries ago and not just now. Justice is not being served, and we are getting a LITTLE bit of justice because deaths and crimes are being filmed on camera.

The case of Trayvon Martin was very sad because he passed away at such a young age. Trayvon Martin passed away because he looked ‘suspicious’ I feel that George Zimmerman should be behind bars right now. You do the crime, you do the time.” In addition, the fact that George Zimmerman is suing the family of Trayvon Martin for $100 million is disgusting and shows that he had no sympathy for the sweet teenager that just bought skittles.” Ameenha Lee is a 17 year old journalist, author and model from NJ.

Ameenha Lee 17, New Jersey

I had the urge to write this piece after seeing lots of “all lives matter” comments on social media and in the news. I thought to myself that these individuals need to know why we promote and say Black Lives Matter. I pondered did people forget this was started in response to the death of a teenager, going to the store for treats, who was racially profiled and shot with a bag of Skittles in his pocket? After the verdict President Barack Obama state’s “if I had a son he would look like Trayvon.”

Shauna and MJ Flowers Brooklyn, NY

I have a son, he’s 11 years old, his birthday is on February 6th, a day after Trayvon’s he also loves Skittles and drinks Arizona ice tea, Mucho Mango, which I often discourage him from purchasing. He is allowed to go to the store by himself. I pray he will always make his way back home.

It’s crazy to think that in 2020 with so much going on in the world, high rent, 30 million unemployed and massive cuts to education and healthcare; I also have to worry about the color of my child’s skin because it will make him a target. That anyone would have negative thoughts or presumptions about a person because of their heritage.

Kids attend a peaceful protest honoring a George Floyd June 2020 Photo Credit: Instagram @leah.janvier

When a person says “Black Lives Matter” does it mean that others don’t, the focus is on Black lives because our judicial system is biased. The American experience is haunted by centuries of systematic racial abuse and inequality. When you hear Black Lives Matter, think of Trayvon Martin, he is the reason we proclaim this.

Follow @iammookaxbrook to see more digital art

Written by : Shauna Flowers Founding Editor

For more information visit:

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Our favorite Pillow Challenge looks.

Photo Credit from @marujordan_

The pillow challenge is a social media phenomenon in which people take large pillows and make them into a mini dress or cooloutfit simply by adding a belt to your waist. The main featured image was posted by fashionable mom Yisney Lagrange showing her daughters playing dress up in their mom’s closet.

Apparently, the trend started on April 5th by IG users @stylebynelli and @myforteisfashion

Photo from Instagram user @stylebynelli

If you look up the hashtags #pillowchallenge #quarantinepillowchallenge you can find thousands of images from people all over the world. Use the hashtag #pillowchallengekids to see adorable kids. Check out baby kiki in a lovely seashell ensemble 💖 with a matching bow head wrap.

Photo Credit from Instagram user @kikiaria_

We picked our favorite looks worn by babies, kids and teens from around the globe to feature in this article and on our Instagram page. Singer and teen model Lex Gibbon slayed her look with a Gucci Belt and a high low effect with a sheet!

Photo Credit from Instagram user @lexgibbon

Even though your back may be exposed from the front looks like you have a really cool and fluffy outfit so we suggest making sure you wear some shorts or a tank top when doing this! We love this textured pink pillow dress by these two sisters who have over 1,600 likes on their photo.

Photo Credit Instagram user @zelal.acr

Don’t forget to accessorize with sunglasses, hats, cool hair etc. you can even choose a theme like this SpongeBob mom and son duo. Theresa Nowell, is a fashion stylist and created this fun themed look with her son Hunter.

Photo Credit from Instagram user @powerstyling

Speaking of Mommy and Me photos, how New York Chic is April and her fashionista daughters in their all black pillow dresses? They totally nailed this look with the perfect accessories to really pay tribute to the city that never sleeps!

Photo Credit from Instagram User @d_and_d_girlz

Here is another great parent look from a dad @davidelefant who joined in with his daughter Tali. They both look incredible and this photo is adorable!

Photo Credit from @hindy_hess

This viral trend requires, no sewing skills at all. Thousands of people from around the world have uploaded photos to Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and fun videos to TikTok showing off their pillow creations.

We came across these adorable brothers who joined in on the challenge. They accessories with bright fanny packs and matching beanies. A major plus, as you don’t see many guys doing the challenge.

Photo Credit from Instagram user @Taylansworld

These fashionable sisters, kid fashion influencers created a fun video for Tik Tok with their Louis Vuitton pillow outfits.

Photo Credit from Instagram users @Diamondtreasure84

Some people have really lovely pillows, in bright colors and textures like sequins. These flashy pillows make amazing dresses. Look at this bold red outfit worn by little Moreen with black embroidered print! The gold belt is the perfect choice!

It’s really refreshing to unite with such a fun and kind of silly challenge during this time. Have you participated in the pillow challenge? If so we would love to see your photos simply tag us on Instagram @freshkidnation 🥰

Follow us on Instagram!

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