The Sky Is The Limit written by 8 year old River Mason Eromosele, Teaches Children How To Heal.

Press Release: November 23rd, 2019

Nigerian-American 8-year-old actor, model, and author River Mason Eromosele is on a pursuit. The quest is to enlighten and educate adolescents between the ages of 2 to 15 years old with his innovative book “The Sky Is The Limit”. The objection of his book is for the advancement of children to conciliate their chakras through positive affirmations, food, and periodic activities.  

In “The Sky Is The Limit”  book River Mason Eromosele  teaches children that you can heal trauma for good. The book also educates children on how to become stronger through eating better, actives, and positive affirmations. The book demonstrates  that  collective activities and meditation are all powerful ways to process for children. In River Mason Eromosele’s book “The Sky Is The Limit”  it simplifies how to heal  from the assorted emotions children go through on a daily basis; in merely one week.

The children’s book is sold and distributed in the retail chains of  WalmartBarnes & Noble, Indigo , Amazon. With the continued  success of “The Sky Is The Limit”  River Mason Eromosele is set to to be a positive example for adolescents of all ages. The innovative book  sets the bar for children to live their dreams at any age because the sky is truly the limit.

For More Information visit:

Instagram: @River_mason

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Real Style File: CAROLINE

CAROLINE is a pop singer, songwriter, and dancer. Her latest single “ I Know Better” is currently available on all streaming platforms. We are excited to feature her on our blog so our readers can learn more about her new projects and global lifestyle brand “ The CAROLINE Collection”

“CAROLINE’s new song “I Know Better” as been featured by Teen Music Insider, Good Morning La La Land, Triple HQ and more. It is also played on radio stations such as The DJ Cisco Radio Show, Nam Radio and has been placed on over 500 playlists. “


Hometown: Los Angeles

Where do you like to shop, What is you favorite clothing & accessory brands?

I love to wear my accessory line The Caroline Collection, we have a few tops as well that I wear all the time. I also love Dolls Kill!

How would you describe your fashion sense?

I love wearing pink and black. I also love glitter and sparkles! Even on a day where I’m wearing leggings and a t-shirt there is still a little sparkle somewhere!

You can see her signature touch on items offered in CAROLINE’S curated collections that are a part of her lifestyle brand online. Such as glitter socks, sunglasses,t-shirts, and more including a chic unisex collection of items.

Caroline VIP Gift Bag

What are your special talents?

I sing, write songs, and dance. I also love all types of sports and play the piano.

Who inspires you and why?

Madonna inspires me because her music is amazing but she’s also a great person and has great style!

“CAROLINE has been getting a wide range of media coverage for her singing and various projects, including features in La Belle Magazine, Teens Wanna Know, Healthy Celeb and more. Already with many accomplishments under her belt, it is just the beginning for this talented, promising, young starlet.”

For more information visit:

Instagram: @Carolines_music

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Maximo Winter Accessories for 2019/2020

Photo Credit: Emily Kornya

Maximo offers trendy accessories for babies kids and teens. Bruno Barthel founded the company nearly 100 years ago in the Chemnitz region of Germany as a glove company. Currently, customers can purchase hats, tights, shoes, rain wear, and toys at retailers around the globe.

Headquarters in Germany

” Since 2001, we have been producing in a new facility in Chemnitz, very close to the location of the original company of Bruno Barthel. In an area of about 5,000 square meters, we design, knit, sew, pack and dispatch high-quality accessories for babies, children and teen.”

Photo Credit: Emily Kornya

International photographer, Emily Kornya shared images from the latest winter collection. Which features knit soft pom hats in navy, grey and black sprinkle with sequins or tinsel.

Photo Credit: Emily Kornya
Photo Credit: Emily Kornya

All the knitted beanies are stylish and very warm in a variety of colors and styles. It’s easy to find a style that matches your favorite winter coat. They can be found here in the US at Poshmark.

For more information visit:

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Designer Spotlight: Lil’ LDN

Name: Tazara

Hometown: London

Name of label or brand: Lil’ LDN

Type of design, accessories, t shirts, denim, clothing etc.

Tracksuit/dress/T-shirt/shorts/bomber jackets/skirts

Tazara is the designer of Lil’ LDN

Why did you choose to design for children?

As a fashion conscious new mum, I loved dressing up my little girl but really struggled to find clothes that reflected her big personality and my sense of urban style. ‍ Influenced by the city it calls home, ‘LiL LDN’was born – a collection inspired by London’s unique sense of style and swag. Our design philosophy is simple – cool, current and cute. We combine quality with individuality to bring you a collection that’s truly unique with a strong emphasis on merging textures and colours to make your ‘LiL’ one stand out from the crowd. ‍ The collection has been specifically designed to have an oversized fit, giving our clothes longevity as your child grows. We are proud to mention that our products are all designed and manufactured in the UK.

How is your label different from the other childrens brand already on the market?

We offer luxury wear at affordable prices, designed from original concept and shipped to our customers. My favorite items are both the tracksuits and bomber jackets. Tracksuit – because of the drop crutch style and the snug feeling it gives when a child wears it. The detail in the zip and color contrast. It comes in grey, khaki, navy velvet and blush pink velvet. It has an over sized hoodie. While we have focused on comfort style has not been compromised! 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2

We have beautiful Bomber Jackets – these are again very comfortable and stylish, the colors come in maroon velvet, electric blue with neon yellow zip and faux leopard print. I love the leopard print bomber as we have pushed boundaries with this being an item all Kids can wear leopards. I like these items because again these can be worn dressed up or dressed casually. 

Where do you get your ideas from and what or who inspires you as a designer?

Kanye West, over the years his style has evolved – I like that he’s always pushing boundaries and is always showing different ways of wearing  clothes, he likes to layer clothing. Lil’LDN has used the color palette to layer lots of items. In stead of having things always matching we have put color blocks together so the items stand out in their own right. So it’s really up to you how you want to dress your child. I like the over sized look which can work well with kids but also gives a longer duration, so a good buy for your money spent. Over the years he has no one a trend setter and and a lot of his style has been filtered down to his kids. 

Where can Fresh Kid Nation readers find your work?

For more information visit:

Follow on Instagram @lilldn_x

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Bowtai Children’s Boutique Website Launch VIP Party

Model & Actress Gabriella Casicone

On Friday October 18th, Bowtai NYC held it’s official website launch party. Bowtai is a luxury online children’s boutique that offers custom clothing and accessories.

Actress & Model Kelly Maria

“Bow Tai NYC🎀 Is Co owned by me Taniya and My Mom Tai founded in May 2015. I had to describe our roles in the business I would say I’m the brains behind the operation and my mom has the style! She comes up with the creative vision and I Help execute it. I’m also the face and spokesperson for my brand so I do a lot of the networking and speaking engagements . BowTai started off as a conversation between me and my mom and now is a actual boutique and I am so proud of all of the progress that we have made.”

Young attendees enjoy desserts

“The purpose of the party was to introduce our website and new product which are functioning bows We have a bow backpack, bow Fannypack , Bow wristlet, and hair accessories !!!! “

The evenings dress code was Think Pink, all guests were dressed to impress in a plethora of shiny fabrics, sequined accessories and gorgeous bows!

Kid influencer Desmond is Amazing and model Jeniyah Shaw

Complimentary Mani’s and Pedi’s by the events co-host Pink Princess Nails, followed by hair/makeup (upon request). Afterwards there was a styling session featuring the latest BowTai accessories.

Guests enjoy treats from Decadence by Lauren

A party theme photoshoot followed by our networking event and launch party with music, treats and selfies!

Bow Tai is a Luxury Children’s Online Boutique based out of Harlem New York. Specializing in all things Bows & Beautiful, Elegant, Quality, Custom Made pieces that Can’t be found in Malls of America and the Big Box stores. With our Great Customer Service Skills the Possibilities are Endless!

Party decor

Music by DJ Sassy J

Venue: Pink Princess Nails

Make Up and Hair by Max Glam Beauty

Sweets by: Decadence by Lauren

Photographer: SVO visuals

For more information visit:

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The second Gen Z Social Summit VIP Night

Models wearing Mixed Up Clothing
Photo: Instagram

ConnectHER Media presents the second Gen Z Social Summit which took place in SoCal at Great Wolf Lodge, on Friday October 18th 2019. Our blogger Ruby Rosas attended the event with her family. More than 1200 teen influencers and creators were invited to the event and they all have a global social media audience reach of 12 million!

Nylahnna Rose enjoys the festivities

Kicking off with a networking mixer, Fashion Show and the water park at Great Wolf was enjoyed by all guests for the duration of the Friday evening.

The Fashion presentation featured Mixed Up Clothing, eTruism, Kezz Skate, and Trident by Jazz Malcom.

Model Kaylynn Vanessa in Mixed Up clothing
Photo: Instagram

Mixed Up Clothing is a multi-cultural children’s clothing line founded by Sonia Smith-Kang. She uses her brand to teach others about diversity; the hang-tags on each outfit describes the culture or country the design come from. Bold and bright colors and rich fabrics adorned the models at the fashion segment.

Our blogger Ruby and her family celebrate the evening with Sonia @mixedupclothing and Delia @ddhpr

The glam squad used hair products from CurlyKids HairCare, and CurlyChic. Makeup Artist Casey Mackay used MAC, Nars & Urban Decay products.

Samantha Bailey Trident by with designer Jax Malcom wearing Trident by Jax Malcom
Photo: Samantha Bailey

Jax Malcom debuts his signature line at the summit. At just 15, he is a director, actor, philanthropist and a designer. The collection is inspired by underwater creatures, as the young artist is passionate about saving the planet.

Models debut beanies, hoodies & t-shirts
Kate Klein (far right)
Photo Credit: @kezzskate

Kezz Skate was founded by Kate Klein, 13 in her garage. A apparel brand that reflects her SoCal lifestyle and favorite pastimes such as skateboarding and surfing. The line offers limited edition hoodies and tees in retro colors and fun artwork.

Models prepare to show off the latest fashion finds!
Photo Credit : @e_truism

E Truism is a non-profit pop up shop and e-commerce site which collects clothing and accessories from fashion companies and individuals and sells them. 100% of the profit goes to a charity of their choice. Customers are able to also purchase brand new items at really great prices with some items starting at just $5.00 for kids and adults. The organization is run entirely by a network of volunteers.

This event was sponsored by Great Wolf Lodge.

Participating brands and sponsors of ConnectHER Media’s Gen Z Social Summit include: The Great Wolf Lodge, Samsung USA, LRM Publicity, Petite n’ Pretty, School of Rock, Curly Chic / Curly Kids, Young Artist Academy, PaperMart, Ultimate VSCO Brand, Holiday Hostess, Xcaret, EVVEMI, Blastz, eTruism, Justin and Taylor, Far Out Toys, Stars Above Balloons, Party Pretty Sweet, Famileague, Kia Motors, Fab Fit Fun, The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, CT & Co., DJ Tuug, and Illuminate Event Services.

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World Afro Day: The Big Hair Assembly 2019

Photo from @worldafroday

World Afro day was founded in 2017, by Michelle De Leon to celebrate Afro hair, educate and debunk myths and with hopes to change the narrative about textured hair in our society. At its inaugural event, a world record was set the the largest hair education lesson. Over 300 attendees learned about their hair with a day of science related classes, empowering workshops and hands on activities.

Photo from @inspiringvanessa

This year the Big Hair Assembly, took place 2 days prior to the main event on Friday Sept 13th. Thousands of school children across the world participated in a live stream event based in London at Langley Park School for Boys. The Big Hair Assembly was the first of its kind with appearances by international kid models, Celai West, Angel Noor and Farouk James who participated on the Hair & Identity panel.

Photo from @worldafroday

Hosted by Emma Dabiri, author of Don’t Touch My Hair and TV presenter Scarlette Douglas, young attendees voiced opinions about afro hair, school hair policies and how the we can change our views about hair.

Photo from @inspiringvanessa

Our kid blogger, Vanessa Sam also provided behind the scenes interviews. When asked what can we do to make afro hair more acceptable, a young lady responded ” We can appreciate how we really are and if anyone bullies us about it, tell them to stop.” Another student stated that kids should tell their teachers about any bullying right away.

Photo by @inspiringvanessa

The crowd was in awe of an energetic, afrobeat performance by Angel Afro Dance who has a large social media following. Guests were treated to cornrows and manicures on a pink double decker bus aka the “Braids & Beauty Bus” sponsored by Superdrug. With over 7,000 school children reached the event will return again in 2020. Schools are able to register online and receive a curriculum kit as well.

Photo from @inspiringvanessa

for more information visit:

Photo from @inspiringvanessa

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Mini Mode prepares for a 4th season

Photo Credit: Emma Wright

Mini Mode London Kids Fashion Week will take place on September 13th and 14th at St. Mary’s in Wyndham Place.

There will be an industry show and consumer show which will features established and new children’s brands. In the past we have covered the show on our site but this year our editor will be attending, providing our followers the opportunity to see the action as it happens on Instagram live!

Photo Credit : Emma Wright

“The two-day runway preview will see SS20 and AW19 collections from designers including London’s award-winning children sunglasses brand Zoobug, French cashmere specialist Oscar et Valentine, USA made-to-measure custom clothing brand KICOMO by Kiara C. Morrow, Turkish luxury kids’ brand Melis Kaptanoglu Kids, London based cool kidswear Little People London, Austrian sustainable, gender neutral childrenbrand Me in Wien and Latvian colourful Rock & Mouse. Whilst past shows saw former Girls Aloud’s Kimberley Walsh debuting her Kimba Kids range, her first foray into childrenswear design that’s available now at Next.”

Photo Credit: Rita Kids

This year, Mini Mode has youth ambassadors, Daisy-May Demetre, Grace Fincham, Freya Hawkes, Lexi Gibbon, Che Esson, Catherine Umusu, Zayn D, Zerina Zia and Ayisha Kassama. They are changing the industry by advocating for inclusivity.

A portion of the shows proceeds will support Osteopathic Centre for Children. “ The OCC provides specialist paediatric osteopathy for perinatal women, babies, children and teens on a donate-what-you-can basis. They also treat older children up to 18 years old with various issues and support families with children with disabilities and learning difficulties.”

For more information visit:

Twitter: @minimode_lkfw

Insta: minimode_lkfw

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Our top 5 back packs brands 2019

Yanna Photo Credit: Fresh Kid Nation

Go back to school with a functional and trendy backpack this fall! We surveyed our social media followers about their favorite back packs and our bloggers chose 5 of their favorite accessories. Our team looked at  backpack brands not only based on style, but also size, versatility, features and comfort!

Here are our top choices!

Number 5

 7 a.m. Enfant

Image result for 7 am enfant backpack
BK 718 Feminist Puffer

The company offers a variety of stylish baby accessories, including Ponchos, baby Bunting, Hannah M ponchos, baby Bunting, hand muffs and back packs. Founded in 2002 by Rebecca Campora in NYC, we love the cool contemporary back pack designs.that align with what the company is known for, warm accessories during the winter months. Check out this fierce puffer bag! Some offer multiple interior and exterior pockets perfect for storing and organizing items . The BK 718 bag can double as a backpack and diaper bag with easy grip handles and comfortable straps mom’s love this dual accessory. The materials are also water repellent great for protecting your supplies during those winter snowstorms. 10% of proceeds from the feminist collection go to the nonprofit Girl Rising.

Number 4

Light + Nine

Stark Mini Back Pack

The student backpack is large and features a 2 way zipper that allows it to open 360 degrees for optimal ways to clean. The bag is made of soft and flexible EVA/Silicone material. The straps are adjustable and straps on the top to carry it in your backpack. Kids love the bags because it comes with Nimicks, patches that can snap on and create a custom look. Parents love these bags because they can be wiped clean.

Image result for light plus nine nimick

Number 3


Image result for kanken backpacks Each bag features removable seat cushion, small front pocket, simple shoulder straps and handles at the top. The company describes its fabric as hardwearing vinyl. The word Kanken means Arctic Fox in Swedish and you can see a curled up red fox in the reflective red logo on its bags. The Fjallraven Kanken Backpack, is stylish, has lots of space especially in its roomy central compartment. It’s also water resistant but can get dirty easily. We love the variety of colors offered and numerous design styles. This brand is well know throughout North America and Europe. It’s so popular there are many fakes on the market so buyer beware!

Image result for kanken backpacks

Number 2

Image result for sprayground spongebob shark squad
Spongebob Shark Squad


Founded by David Ben-David and launched with his business partner Eddie Shabot in 2010 revolutionized the accessory market with the first design “Hello My Name Is”. David was born in the Bronx, grew up in Florida the designer returned to NYC to attend art school and wanted to start a line that featured unique, colorful and heavily influenced by pop culture. A majority of the designs are limited edition and sell out fast, such as the Money Bag, Paris Bag and it’s celebrity collabs with Chris Brown, Shaquille O’neal, Spike Lee, Young Thug, and licenses with Marvel, Nickelodeon and the NBA. In the past the website has even crashed due to so many trying to purchase the graphic backpacks. The bags are 100% polyester and water resistant with wide comfy straps. There are plenty of pockets to keep your items organized and secret compartments to store your items. Defective bags have a limited 90 day warranty.

Image result for sprayground backpack warranty

Number 1

Settlement Arrowhead Backpack

Herschel Supply & Co.

The Canadian based company manufactures backpacks, totes, duffles, wallets and fanny packs. We love this brand because of it’s impeccable quality and it’s comfort. These backpacks come in sleek, modern and functional styles, such as the Heritage Backpack and Little America Backpack. The designs have strong zippers, great pockets for organizing while the materials used to make the bags are a heavyweight 20 oz cotton canvas and leather accents. all of the bags come with a warranty just check to see if its a lifetime or limited one.

Image result for herschel supply kids survey bag 2019

You can have the bags embroidered as well! We adore the array of signature jewel tone colors such as mustard yellow, aquamarine, and more. The kids survey bag comes in floral and even leopard.

Fan Favorites:

Ayanna’s Art and Fashion

This designer was tagged multiple times on our IG page. At age 7, Ayanna Davis started empowering unique designs!

Innovative Design:

Mad Pax

3D bags? Yes please! We love their unique styles, especially the spike Dino bag!

Image result for madpax spike rex
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Beautycon LA 2019

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Our west coast mommy blogger Ruby, attended Beautycon this past weekend at the LA Convention Center. The 2 day event, features panel discussions, meetups, brand activations, shopping and more!

Beautycon is a beauty and lifestyle festival that brings together fans, influencers, artists and brands. Started in 2013 as a small meet up in LA at YouTube with beauty influencers, entrepreneur Moj Mahdara took over as CEO in 2015.

The event is also held in New York, Dubai, and London. It has become thee major event for beauty gurus!

Here is the LA lineup:

 Huda Kattan, Anastasia Soare, Priyanka Chopra, Ciara, Kelly Rowland and Tina Knowles, Bretman Rock, Yalitza Aparicio, Jhene Aiko, Megan Thee Stallion, Manny MUA, Erika La’Pearl, Hayley Williams, Tess Holliday, Marsai Martin, Liza Koshy, Kandee Johnson, Lisa Rinna, Arianna Huffington, Patrick Starr, Marsalis Martin, Charlemagne tha God and is hosted by Jeannie Mai

Priyanka Chopra led the fireside chat with Moj on Saturday stating the need for women to not tear each other down in an already competitive industry.

Photo Credit: Splash

“People always ask me, ‘Oh you’re doing a movie with a female co-actor. Did you guys get along? Were there catfights?’ But when it comes to boys, they say, ‘Oh my gosh, that looks like a bromance and everyone got on so well.’ So I feel like over time, because women have lack of opportunity, we were pitted against each other,”

Singer Kelly Rowland looked spectacular in a hot pink, retro dress from Michael Costello. She had an onstage conversation with author & radio host Charlemagne tha God where she chatted about being a mom and addressed rumors of a Destiny Child’s reunion.

The best part of the event so many great brand and trying out new products! Did you know kids 6 and under can attend for free with the purchase of an adult ticket? Your welcome!

For more information visit:

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