Devyn the Experience

I met Devyn Tyson nearly 3 years ago while she was hosting a fashion show in Brooklyn. I went backstage and had to meet the talented  young lady. Fast forward to 2015 Devyn, age 13, is attending high school, has graced the stage at the Apollo, created amazing original songs and  performed for thousands of fans in her home town New York City, New Jersey, Grenada, and Trinidad.

The show opened  to a full house, Devyn burst onto the stage with a DJ, live musicians, a background vocalist and a group of young dancers adorned in navy blue outfits. These young dancers completed so many flawless transitions its hard to believe they are all still in high school. Devyn began the concert with rap covers to top hits such as Fetty Wap’s My Way and The Weeknd’s R&B song Earned It. Devyn appeared poised, polished and professional as she engaged the excited audience with a bright smile, amazing vocals and chic long sleeve white and black romper with combat boots.

There was a brief fashion presentation by 16 year old Imani Parker, who had teen models rocking a few items from her juniors fashion line Unparalleled by Imani. The line featured mixed textures and prints, such as denim with african prints on a romper. My favorite piece a bright orange and hot pink leopard crop top.


 The second half of the show featured 3 upcoming Soca artists, Mani D Gift, Jilani and Kimani the Big Show. All three guys had the audience on their feet as they performed various original Soca songs. A few audience members even waved whites flags as they were digging the island vibes. The highlight of the show was the closing, Devyn acknowledged her team with a song that she wrote at age 8. Her entire crew joined her on the stage as she thanked them for working with her. Tears flowed as Dev embraced her mother Natasha in a warm hug.
The show ended with song called Jump Up in The Islands and a young stilt walker parading through the aisles. It was a truly entertaining experience and I know Devyn will continue to wow music lovers as she advances in her career as an entertainer.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 8.04.04 PM.png

Check out the behind the scenes video from Established in 88 on YouTube


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