World Afro Day: The Big Hair Assembly 2019

Photo from @worldafroday

World Afro day was founded in 2017, by Michelle De Leon to celebrate Afro hair, educate and debunk myths and with hopes to change the narrative about textured hair in our society. At its inaugural event, a world record was set the the largest hair education lesson. Over 300 attendees learned about their hair with a day of science related classes, empowering workshops and hands on activities.

Photo from @inspiringvanessa

This year the Big Hair Assembly, took place 2 days prior to the main event on Friday Sept 13th. Thousands of school children across the world participated in a live stream event based in London at Langley Park School for Boys. The Big Hair Assembly was the first of its kind with appearances by international kid models, Celai West, Angel Noor and Farouk James who participated on the Hair & Identity panel.

Photo from @worldafroday

Hosted by Emma Dabiri, author of Don’t Touch My Hair and TV presenter Scarlette Douglas, young attendees voiced opinions about afro hair, school hair policies and how the we can change our views about hair.

Photo from @inspiringvanessa

Our kid blogger, Vanessa Sam also provided behind the scenes interviews. When asked what can we do to make afro hair more acceptable, a young lady responded ” We can appreciate how we really are and if anyone bullies us about it, tell them to stop.” Another student stated that kids should tell their teachers about any bullying right away.

Photo by @inspiringvanessa

The crowd was in awe of an energetic, afrobeat performance by Angel Afro Dance who has a large social media following. Guests were treated to cornrows and manicures on a pink double decker bus aka the “Braids & Beauty Bus” sponsored by Superdrug. With over 7,000 school children reached the event will return again in 2020. Schools are able to register online and receive a curriculum kit as well.

Photo from @inspiringvanessa

for more information visit:

Photo from @inspiringvanessa

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