Curl Talk NYC 2019

On Sunday, March 10 at Ripley Grier Studios Industry Kids presented Curl Talk, an event that was created to empower natural haired men and women.

Guests were able To learn about different kinds of hair textures, get advice from panelist about hair products, as well as learn how society and the media impacts ones decision to wear their hair.

Ameenha Lee, age 16, entrepreneur, model & Influencer moderated both panels. She engaged the audience by sharing her natural hair journey. Engaging the audience with her go to protective styles, products, and curl talk.

Panel one featured consist of braids by Jamila, Fashionista Franklin, Aisha, Ashley Hernandez and Khia Hyman. This panel will be called “Young, Gifted, and Curly.” These young panelists will talk about their natural hair journey and all that comes with it. This panel will be powered by Curls. These young women shared insight on how they styled thrower own hair and why they wanted to wear their hair natural.

Khia shared that she stopped perming her hair and cut off her damaged length. ” At first I was worried about wearing my natural hair out. I did t know what people would say.”

Panel two featured Music Industry legend Professor Jazmine Young, Francis Grier of Golden Magazine, Shauna Carr, Founding Editor of Fresh Kid Nation and Rapper, Activist, Author Aisha Hall. These four women will be discussing how natural hair has progressed throughout the years, women’s empowerment, and self-love. This panel will be powered by

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