Real Style File: Amaris Davis

 Name: Amaris J. Davis 
 Age: 10
 Home Town: New York 


Where do you like to shop or what is you’re your favorite clothing brand?

I like to shop at Macys, Justice, J. Crew, Saks Fifth and Century 21. 


How would you describe your fashion sense? (Diva, I have swag, Cool, street ETC.)

I am a Cool Diva. I love to wear bright colors!


Do you have a special talent? (I am super smart, I can sing, dance, act etc.)

I can sing and dance. I am artistic and I like to create new things. I also have a YouTube Channel. I started a channel because I thought it would be so fun! In the future I want to be a singer , actress and model. I also want to help people.

What advice would you give other kids who want to be in the entertainment industry?

Go after your dreams. Do whatever you have to do to share your gift with the world.


Who is your fashion icon?

My mom. She is a model. She always give me good advice. She tells me to always be myself.


Do you have a website, twitter or instagram?

Instagram: @Amaris_TV

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