FKN Designer Spotlight: KICOMO

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Kicomo by Kiara C. Morrow, from the D.C. Metro Area owns Kicomo, an in house Design and manufacturing boutique. Designs range from Streetwear to Ready to Wear for Babies, Children, Teens, and Adults.


Photo credit: Fresh Kid Nation

I was able to see Kicomo spring/summer collection at Posh Kids Fashion week in September 2017, at The Playstation Theater.  The first fashion presentation was at Art & Beauty Magazine presents NEW YORK FASHION WEEK 2.0 “The Pageant Edition” on Saturday September 16th, 2017 just one day prior to the Posh Kids show.

Why did you decide to start your clothing line?

I wanted to empower children and let them know they have a voice at a young age. Society today molds us into there definition of beauty. I believe we are beautiful in our natural different ways and should embrace our cultural and ethnic diversities. Clothes are not going to change the world, but the child wearing them can make a difference.
Kicomo is about giving confidence and empowerment to all. Kicomo means to make a change and or difference.

How is your label different from the other childrens brand already on the market?

Its not a everyday children clothing, its art, its creativity but fashionable and
eco friendly. I used Ankara prints for this collection. It is a 100% cotton fabric with vibrant patterns. It is usually a colorful cloth and is primarily associated with Africa because of its tribal-like patterns and motifs. Being African American myself I strive to really embrace my culture and beauty. A African Proverb that really inspires me day to day ” The best way to fight an alien and oppressive culture is to embrace your own”.

Where do you get your ideas from and what or who inspires you as a designer?

The world inspires me, music, books, movies, etc. The most random thing can
put me in a creative trance. I knew I wanted to be a designer since I could walk and talk so I am fighting everyday to make that happen. What inspires me is everyday life, my culture, movies, books, music, family, heartbreak, etc. I don’t seek inspiration I just express my emotions in art. 

For more information visit:

Instagram and Twitter: @Kingkicomo

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1 Response to FKN Designer Spotlight: KICOMO

  1. Margaretti says:

    This was absolutely beautiful! Congratulations Kiara on a job well done. I knew what you were doing, but to see it all put together in fashion is an understatement. I am very proud of the woman you have become. I know your parents are as well. I love the designs…..Such an inspiration to young women everywhere.

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