FKN Designer Spotlight: Love Each Other Brand


T Sunshine

I recently spoke with Teresa Chumpitaz-Nowell about the 2017 launch of her clothing line Love Each Other. She is a mom of 3 boys, and has many years in the fashion industry as a stylist. She talks about her starting a new brand, and gives inspirational advice for creative individuals. Teresa also describes why she decided a portion of proceeds goes to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

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Why did you choose to design for children?

 Love Each Other is a family brand.  We design for adults, but the brand is definitely inspired by kids.  Part of our proceeds benefit the heart institute at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.  We want to help families of children with heart disease while getting a simple message out there to “Love Each Other”.  

Tell me why did you choose the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to receive a portion of proceeds?

I came across a post on the internet about Hunter and Roman Pickering twin boys who were about the same age as my sons, who are also twins. Hunter and Roman live in the United Kingdom and Roman was born with a heart condition( a rare condition called pulmonary atresia) and needed a heart transplant. This deeply affected me and I wanted to help this family. As I was developing L.E.O. brand I decided a portion of the proceeds could benefit the Children’s hospital to help families in need like the Pickering family. 

How is your clothing line different from the other  brands already on the market? 

Our label is different in that by wearing these tees you are working towards saving lives.  It’s like giving a hug to children that desperately need support and attention.  I like to call them healing shirts!


Where do you get your ideas from and what or who inspires you as a designer?

My family is a big source of inspiration!  All that I do, how I design, what I design, revolves around them.  They are my center (spine), the air that I breathe (lungs), and the blood in my veins (heart).  That premise is and will always be the thread  in our designs.  It’s easy to have an idea or a design concept; It’s hard to actually make it real. I’m constantly asking myself what are the next steps? Right now, I’m working on generating a buzz about L.E.O. brand and building a social media following as well as awareness about congenital heart disease, 1 out of  100 kids are affected. My message is a simple one.  In today’s society it’s easy to loose sight of what’s important. If we are kind to one another, perhaps we can change the world or at least make it a little better for our future.


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For more info about Love Each Other visit  

Shop from the collection  at  

Instagram: l.e.o.brand


Check out the Love Each Other Collection

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