2017 petitePARADE at Children’s Club 

Lilli Gaufrette Image by Getty Images

I was delighted to recieve an invite to petitePARADE last week at the Jacob Javitz Center in NYC. This year the biannual children’s fashion show teamed up with Children’s Club to present the best brands in the children’s clothing and accessories.

Photo by Getty Images for petitePARADE

Children’s Club is an international trade show exhinbitors, buyers, designers, bloggers and industry insiders. Exhibitors presented looks from their collections modeled by mini fashionistas from Zuri Model and Talent Agency.

Photo from Instagram

This was the first time a fashion show took place at Children’s Club. Guests were invited to arrive early to mingle,chat over cocktails before the show. The runway was lifted 3 feet from the floor which provided us an unobstructed view and we were able to sit at tables or in seats close to the stage.


This was quite different from past presentations, it was less chaotic the photogs were able to get clear shots with out jostling for spots. DJ Alden, from CirKiz kept the crowd entertained with the latest hits, my favorite track a deep house version of Pon de Replay by Rihanna.


The fashion show opened with ethereal girls fashions from in neutral colors Aisiabobo and Angel’s Face.  Brands that stood out on the runway were TO collection, Wild and Fierce, Oh Baby, Diesel, and Mod Girl. I adored the styling for the Oh Baby Collection, one of the models was outfitted in combat boots, a soft layered pink skirt, a textured unicorn sweater with a shiny gold fabric grown on her head.

Oh Baby! Photo from Getty Images

Oh Baby! Photo from Getty Images

I was super excited after the show to browse the empty trade show floors and look at collections. It was like having a private sneak peek at the latest kids collections from all over the world.

Children’s Club Exhibition Photo by Fresh Kid Nation

Fashion trends for Fall 2017 include Metallics, lots of greenery, and other soft neutral colors like gray or white. The color palette most designers captures could be described as youthful and free spirited.

TO Collection photo From Getty Images

Visit the following websites for more info!



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