kidpik Basics Launch party NYC


Have you heard about kidpik? It’s a girls fashion site where you can find quality and on trend wardrobe items and have them delievered to your home in a neat box! Subscription free box services is no longer just for grown ups.

 kidpik was envisioned by Ezra Dabah, former CEO of the Childrens’ Place. Dabah is now the CEO of Nina Shoes and he was seen mingling with the bloggers, stylist and kiddie fashionistas at the party. I was super excited to meet Dabah, as he has decades of experience in the fashion industry. We chatted briefly about the quality of the clothing that kippik offers and my favorite collection.

” Basics are an essential part of a girl’s wardrobe. We are thrilled to offer a great selection of basics to complement the kidpik fashion collection.”-Ezra Dabah

MJ and I was greeted  by Nancy and Deena, upon arrival. I was treated to a viewing of the new kidpik items and MJ was whisked away to snacks and face painting.
 Deena explained how subscribers can get a curated head toe toe look based on style choices and preferences. A style profile is created, and shoppers can pick which items they want shipped. Items can be tried on at home and whatever you don’t want you can send back paying for the ones you love the most and decide to keep.

Ameenha Lee and MJ

I got to shop for items from the basics collection and I had a preview of the fall collections. My fave look girly glam! I envisioned my adorable niece in sparkles and prints. I chose a lace dress and cozy yellow knit t-shirt for her. 

They did not plan their chic yellow outfits!

I also got to meet other bloggers and enjoyed catching up with friends. Everyone raves about the rainbow bagels, from the Bagel Store in Brooklyn. It was hard trying to get MJ to leave as he was working on a mural worth the other kids.


For more info about kidpik visit

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