We had a super time at Super Fun Saturday in Harlem!


I waited nearly a month to attend Super Fun Saturday, thank god it did not snow this past weekend! This event, sub titled, Exposing the Power of Play, drew a major crowd to The Children’s Aid Society in Harlem. The gymnasium was transformed into an exciting event space with over 20 vendors and craft stations. Lambert Treasure Events outfitted the environment with amazing bright balloon sculptures, some in the shape of life sized children that took my breath away and left my 5 year old stunned! MJ began taking of his shoes, eager to play in the bounce house with other kiddos. I got to meet many designers and tiny fashionistas and watch many of the children participate in the Yuuniq candles. Yay9 or jewelry making workshops. Parent were treated to, make up demonstrations manicures, shopping, and wine tasting by Belaire Rose.

Towards the end of the evening, MJ got a chance to play Just Dance on a Wii U brought in by Gamesters, a mobile gaming station. Their was amazing food for the kiddies by Harlem Shake, Fresh Cotton Candy as well as a variety of delicious cupcakes and brownies by La La’s cupcakes. My favorite party of the evening was watching dance troupe W.A.F.F.L.E. introduced by Daisha model, dancer and singer They group of guys even got the kids to participate in a dance battle! I never seen little kids dance so good! Daisha had a blast taking pictures with the guests and watching the dance battle.

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I got to catch up with Tristin’s and Tyler’s mom Tiffany, Abigail from Black Celeb Kids and finally instagram friends Too Scoops Kids. There was plenty of gift bags for guests from Miss Jessie’s, Bliss and Harlem Shake. A few lucky attendees won raffle prizes that were distributed through out the evening.















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