Ragdolls & Rockets stylish and cozy clothing for girls


Mary, the owner of Ragdolls and Rockets  developed a brand of comfortable leggings, tops and dresses for girls sizes 2-16. Inspired by her daughter, she decided to create a bold apparel line featuring luxurious soft fabrics for delicate skin. Based in San Diego, California Ragdolls and Rockets clothing is sold in various retailers.

My daughter was six years old at the time we started Ragdoll and at that time most of the lines were too gimmicky and over done.  Shopping for my young daughter was difficult because she had ADD and was hypersensitive to almost anything that touched her skin.  My friends’ daughter was very similar in nature and because of my background in the industry I decided to create something that I knew we both would love.

We started with super soft modal solids in bright jewel tone colors and fashionable silhouettes that were not too sophisticated for younger girls.  We also added hand stitching design details to certain groups.  This mixture filled a void and found a niche in the marketplace that eventually grew into a loyal following of consumers and retailers.

What I admire and what I wear can be completely different.  As a young adult, I loved the line Theory by Elie Tahari .  I admired the clean yet fashionable bodies and at one time owned their basic chino stretch bottom and woven button down top in almost every color.   One of my favorite designers was the late Alexander McQueen even though I do not wear the label.  I would not do that line justice and would rather admire it on others.  I am most inspired by the street scene and how everyday youths put together their favorite looks.

L13-95110_12073 copyhttp://www.ragdollandrockets.com


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