Lovely headbands from Ebaneza accessory line!

Meet creative designer Ebonie Ealey of EBANEZA HEADBANDS Rota, Spain

Inspired by nature Ebaneza Headbands is perfect for your darling little diva

Ebonie’s custom accessory line features headbands for mom and baby, earrings,bracelets and more! FKN favorite items are Pookie Dott Bows and the cozy knitted hats that have pastel grosgrain ribbon attached. There is also jewelery sets for teens and moms in coppers and warm colors that are inspired by nature. Don’t forget to take a peek at the Giant flowers headbands. EBANEZA accessories are affordable and chic! Ebonie, a graduate of Syracuse University, gave FKN an exclusive interview:

“I love accessorizing and beautiful babies in it.  My daughter was my main inspiration behind choosing to design for children.  Not to mention its fun, and innovative.

Ebaneza Headbands is different from many other brands because of their passion to accessorize all different hair types.   We encourage providing a diverse look that any and everybody can wear.   We promote natural beauty, rather than stripping our future generation, we choose to add a little flare to your hair.”

Ebonie Ealey currently lives in Rota, Spain with her husband and daughter. She is a writer, mentor, designer and entrepreneur.

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