Who is Jazmin Brown? A 3 part series about a 14 year old fashion designer

As the mom of a 4 year old, I watch countless hours of Nickelodeon and other kid friendly television programming. So much that I even memorized all the commercials and ads that run on these channels. I was always particularly interested in a Peanut Butter and Chocolate dress commercial with teenage clothing designer Jazmin Brown. I had seen the ad for months and decided two weeks ago I wanted to interview Jazmin Brown. I was one of many teen fashion designers when I attended the High School of Fashion Industries in NYC. Jazmin is rare because of exposure from a national run ad and sponsorship from Kraft Foods. After a quick Google search I contacted her management team via Facebook and had a two hour pleasant phone conversation with “Momager” Cami. Here is the beginning of the 3 part series about Jazmin and here journey in the fashion world.
Jazmin began to show an interest in design at age 7 when she was modeling and participating in local pageants. With the help of her determined mom and the love and support from her siblings and dad, Jazmin has spiraled into the fashion world quite rapidly. She began a mentorship with a Newark-Based Fashion designer to develop her design skills and grow her talent. She showed her first collection at New Jersey Fashion Week and a family friend uploaded the video to YouTube. She caught the interest of a casting director for Kraft Foods. Jazmin was chosen to appear in the commercial that showcased Jazmin at 14-year-old, creating a line of peanut butter and chocolate dresses. She worked with a west coast based seamstress and developed the 1920’s inspired gowns using web based communications. A documentary was filmed as well and is currently being edited.
She is a freshman at Bergen County Tech High School in New Jersey. Jazmin is also an honor roll student and a member of the cheer-leading team. She will show at Atlantic City Fashion week on February 8th, 2013 a ready to wear line. Jazmin loves designing beautiful gowns but hopes an affordable clothing line will expand her company Deztani LLC.
Stayed tuned for Part two which will highlight Atlantic City Fashion Week. To contact Jazmin for clothing or to make donations click here and make sure to visit www.jazminbrownsdeztani.com

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  1. Jazmin is a talented young lady! I would love to see a piece on designer Kate Walz, also 15 and showing her first collection in NYFW.

  2. That Sounds great! Would love to Connect!

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