Throwback Thursday: What’s Your Passion Takes Over Atlanta

Guests attend the What’s Your Passion ATL take over event

On Tuesday November 24, 2020, WYP Takes Over Atlanta took place at Sparkles Family Fun in the Atlanta area. Bringing together young influencers, talented teens and celebs, the event’s purpose was to network and bring together creators in a positive and safe environment. Guests were limited and treated to an afternoon of skating, snacks and giftbags. Fresh Kid Nation bloggers Shonda and Aniyah were on the scene to capture behind the scenes fun and interview attendees.

@ammenhalee and @aniyahsimsmodels

NTh3crib provided professional production services along with New Magic Productions network; guest were kept engaged and entertained with on the red carpet with Lil T3rry and Rocco.

What’s Your Passion is a Motivational Media and Lifestyle Brand inspiring people to find their true passion. They host events that bring together young talented people together to network and learn. WYP believes everyone has a natural talent & purpose.

On it’s website we learn that the mission of WYP is:

“Many of the world’s biggest problems are rooted around depression, a lack of inspiration and anger. Through influencer partners that believe in the cause, WYP will create motivational content and product that spreads positivity and self awareness. “

for more information visit:

Images from Shonda Sims @kittkatt1204

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