The 3 Layers Challenge

Hi everyone! My name is Maya aka Maya Glitters and I am one of Fresh Kid Nation’s Uk bloggers! I am a kidpreneur fashion blogger, kid fashionista, presenter, podcast host and content creator. I am also fashion editor for Cocoa Girl Magazine!

Here’s how to get started:
Layer #1 – Cute camo trousers and off – the – shoulder top

Layer #2 – Cute camo trousers, off – the – shoulder top, star – pattern gilet

Layer #3 – Cute camo trousers, off – the – shoulder top, star – pattern gilet, pom pom hairband from Maya Style.

I founded the challenge and I am planning to launch it on social media networks in the future. I started the challenge because I wanted to show the versatility of clothing items. And many ways they can be used!


Check out fashion influencer Rimya and her layered look! She starts with a pink polka dot dress as her base layer, scarf for her second item and finishes the look off with a ruffle shawl and sunglasses.

Geianna Gonzalez Athlete & Model

Geianna perfectly nails her fall 3 layer outfit that is cozy and chic for the changing weather!


This challenge is a predicted social media phenomenon! Savannah is a teen entrepreneur who rocked her 3 layers look. Her denim duster is versatile and can be worn tied up.

I love how Aubrielle created a new look with by layering a bright yellow shirt and coordinating headband over her jeans.


Don’t forget to tag your own videos on social media with #mayaglitterschallenge #3layerschallenge

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