Teens Around The World Are Optimistic About 2021

The start of a new year often has many people ready to create and plan for resolutions. A New Year resolution is an old tradition, mainly to improve yourself. We wanted to connect with young people, instead of asking them about their resolutions we asked them what do they hope will happen next year.




My hopes for 2021 is for the world to be back on track to being healthy. Personally, I wants to continue to advance my acting career and also become a success! I have a new cosmetics business Yummi Pops Cosmetics.




My name is Jasmine, and I’m from Ghana. I have a show Talk With Jasmine on YouTube and Instagram. My hopes for next year is to get a bigger platform to motivate people. I also want to to help the poor in my community.




For 2021 I expect to have a great year now I am better prepared for something unexpected but my expectation still stands I look forward to seeing less covid cases and more outdoors activities the industry of entertainment should also be looking up!!



New York City

My hopes for 2021 is to explore new adventures. I’m also planning on traveling more to expand my modeling career. In addition, I’m currently in the process of selecting a High School for 2021/2022. I would like to focus on law and fashion. Again, it was a pleasure working with you at the fall photo shoot and would love the opportunity to work with you again.



United Kingdom

I am a presenter and interviewer and could potentially be the youngest media corespondent in the UK. I am also an upcoming model and actor. I would love to be casted I’m in the UK. My hopes for 2021 is to be the best presenter and interviewer in the UK and to be the youngest media corespondent in the UK. I want to build my confidence as I am determined to help the less fortunate in 2021, to also manage my own magazine or blog. Hope you give me this opportunity.



North Carolina

For 2021 I’m going to hold onto hope. I’m holding on with both hands for what seem impossible is now possible. I’m looking forward to family gathering so I’m going to hold on to celebrations. I’m holding on for peace and love in this world, I’m going to hold on for tears of joy, tears of pride, laughter with friends and family even with myself. I’m holding on to hope, sports, in person learning . Because 2021 will be a year of possibilities smile more, love more, worry less, be happy, be brave, try a little kindness. Believe in yourself create your own kind of MAGIC. Happy New Year 🎆.

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