S.H.E. Summit 2018

On October 18 and October 19, our London contributing writer, Vanessa Sam, aka Inspiring Vanessa, attended S.H.E. Summit held at the 92nd Y in Manhattan. Founded by Claudia Clark, S.H.E. Summit is a global leadership conference connects agents of change, activists, entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, and community advocates! Past speakers have included, Soledad O’Brien, Deepak Chopra, and Kelly Clarkson.

Vanessa, B and Doyin Richards

This years line up included, Sarah Michelle-Gellar, Donna Karan,  Sally Kohn, Asa Regner and Michaela Angela Davis. To see a full list of all speakers visit this page.

S.H.E. Summit celebrates and accelerates inclusive equality by connecting, educating and activating talent in the global workplace. A 2-day transformational offsite leadership experience, S.H.E. Summit awakens higher purpose and renewed energy for leadership advancement and culture change. Each year, we curate a 20-session conference program over 2 days featuring 50+ thought leaders and movement drivers of today’s most relevant gender, diversity and cultural issues to propel the leadership and actions of 100,000+ passionate influencers representing the private sector, public sector, and media.

Vanessa and Latham Thomas Founder of Mama Glow

We sent our U.K. Contributing Writer Vanessa Sam, aka Inspiring Vanessa to this years Summit. Check out her review of the event! S.H.E. SUmmit is presented by SHE Globl and its goal is to inspire influencers to become agents of change in the world.

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