Real Style File: Paris Grant

Fashion Week Brooklyn 2022

Meet Paris! She is 10 years of and this native Brooklynite has a passion for fashion and dance. She recently ripped the runway at Fashion Week Brooklyn and has been featurd in Stardom 101 Magazine. She has a fierce walk you probably have seen her modeling for brands such as Bella Bebe or Zyem Kids.

Where do you like to shop, What is you favorite clothing & accessory brands?

I Like To Shop At Primark and on SHEIN. My favorite clothing is anything from SHEIN and I like my accessories from Claire’s. Sometime from Rainbow’s because they always have some nice stuff.

How would you describe your fashion sense?

I like To wear whatever makes me comfortable, I like skirts and dresses the most with a cute bag to always match. I like to wear a lot of custom clothing as well it’s fun not to look like everyone and I can express myself more.

What are your special talents?

I dance, many different styles. I model, make art and I write poems. I’m a designer with my own small business too!

Who inspires you and why?

It’s weird because I like people but I haven’t been inspired by no one. I just started doing everything myself with out knowing who or what did anything so I guess in a way I’m inspired by myself because I push myself to be better to do better anything I need or want to learn I work on it myself I’m self taught, everything I know it’s just better now because I have help.

Do you have any upcoming projects, events or a business venture?

I have Atlantic City Fashion Week this year I get to be a Designer in their show this time. I have my own event planning business that I share with my best friend we have some events coming up. Separate from everything else I have a new business venture I’m working on with my parents I can’t speak on it cause it’a a surprise but it’s definitely going to be worth the wait.

Learn more about Paris!

Instagram: @Flygirlparis.m(Model Page) @Paris_the_Swag_Dancer_(Dance Page) _@Paris_Playgroud_(Designer Page) @YaYa&TeeTee (Event Page)

Facebook: Paris Grant

TikTok: @Flyygirlparis.m

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