Real Style File: Meet Camren

Photo by Shawn Punch

Camren has a stellar modeling career at a young age. He has worked with Kids Footlocker, parent brand Footlocker, Suavitel, and most recently Shein X Zyem as a Brand Ambassador. I met Camren and his mom at Fashion Week Brooklyn and he is so sweet and has an infectious smile!

Camren Carrington 6 years old Brooklyn NY

Where do you like to shop and what is you favorite clothing & accessory brands?

I love going to the mall. There are so many cool stores to go to. I love unique clothing with cool designs on them and different blues are my go to colors. Zyemkids is the perfect brand!

How would you describe your fashion sense?

Cool, calm and collective just like the initials of my name. Sometimes I like to stand out and create my own look. Sometimes i mitch match my socks or get a hat made to match my outfit. Let’s not forget to mention, I can be dapper at times too and throw on a suit and bow tie.

Photo Credit: Rex Lott

What are your special talents?

You would never believe this but I am an amazing chess player! I play with the 8th graders in my school and I’m only in the first grade. I beat my mom at the game all the time, shhh don’t tell her I told you that! I also love to dance! Ever since I was a baby, my mommy told me I would lay in my crib and move my belly from side to side when ever I heard music.

That’s all I could do since I was not even big enough to roll over yet lol. I’m an actor and I am great at gaming. I can also draw anything you put in front of me just by looking at it and using my visual super powers to mimic what I see and make it into my own.

Who inspires you?

My PopPop inspires me. My PopPop tells me all the time that I am the greatest at what I do no matter what it is! He is so smart and what makes him even cooler is that he knows how to play Roblox!

My aunty Zena also inspires me.  She is in college and works very hard to reach her goals. She supports me in everything that I do and always reminds me to reach for the stars.

My mom is my inspiration. In my eyes, she is a superhero! She makes the best food ever and I love her so much. 

Do you have any upcoming projects, events or a business venture?

I am working on releasing my very own ActionCam plush toy! You all will see it very soon!

Instagram: @Camren_Carrington Youtube:

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