Real Style File: Jean-Ashia Fordham


Photo Credit: Smiley Kids Photo

Name: Jean Ashia Fordham

Age: 8 years old

From: New Jersey

Where do you like to shop?

I love Justice, Claire’s for accessories and The Children’s Place. I just love all of the clothes at Children’s place and Justice. I love to find clothes with different colors and patterns and make an outfit that you would never think go together and make it look AMAZING. Not to mention hats with bling on it….oh my goodness….it’s my favorite thing to do.

How would you describe your fashion style?

I have swag and I mix street with sweet! I love blue, it’s my favorite color ever. I just love Jean shorts or pants with emojis on them. It’s so cute.


Photo Credit: Smiley Kids Photo

Do you have any special skills?

I am an actress and I can also sing and dance! I have my own TV show coming soon to the On Channel called Jean-Ashia The Travel Guru.



Who do you admire and why?

My parents and grandparents really support me. My grandma is my personal stylist and she knows the hottest clothes to wear. My mommy is my best friend and works so hard to support me in whatever I want to do. My dad and grandpa are my biggest cheerleaders….they just love everything I do.

A celebrity that I admire is Taylor Swift. I really look up to her. I like her music. She makes music that’s great for kids and adults.

Your show, is about travel? Can we have more details? Is it about places you will be visting?
Yes, my show is showing you the many places that I’ve been to. So when you watch my show, you will be actually going to these places through your tv. I go all over from Canada, to Paris and more. Not to mention, we are planning other trips to Africa; and we will be going to an African safari, Ireland, Greece and more. You will see videos, pictures and me talking about the places I love. I’m so excited to share my travel experiences with the world.
Follow her on Instagram! @jean_ashia09


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