Our favorite Pillow Challenge looks.

Photo Credit from @marujordan_

The pillow challenge is a social media phenomenon in which people take large pillows and make them into a mini dress or cooloutfit simply by adding a belt to your waist. The main featured image was posted by fashionable mom Yisney Lagrange showing her daughters playing dress up in their mom’s closet.

Apparently, the trend started on April 5th by IG users @stylebynelli and @myforteisfashion

Photo from Instagram user @stylebynelli

If you look up the hashtags #pillowchallenge #quarantinepillowchallenge you can find thousands of images from people all over the world. Use the hashtag #pillowchallengekids to see adorable kids. Check out baby kiki in a lovely seashell ensemble 💖 with a matching bow head wrap.

Photo Credit from Instagram user @kikiaria_

We picked our favorite looks worn by babies, kids and teens from around the globe to feature in this article and on our Instagram page. Singer and teen model Lex Gibbon slayed her look with a Gucci Belt and a high low effect with a sheet!

Photo Credit from Instagram user @lexgibbon

Even though your back may be exposed from the front looks like you have a really cool and fluffy outfit so we suggest making sure you wear some shorts or a tank top when doing this! We love this textured pink pillow dress by these two sisters who have over 1,600 likes on their photo.

Photo Credit Instagram user @zelal.acr

Don’t forget to accessorize with sunglasses, hats, cool hair etc. you can even choose a theme like this SpongeBob mom and son duo. Theresa Nowell, is a fashion stylist and created this fun themed look with her son Hunter.

Photo Credit from Instagram user @powerstyling

Speaking of Mommy and Me photos, how New York Chic is April and her fashionista daughters in their all black pillow dresses? They totally nailed this look with the perfect accessories to really pay tribute to the city that never sleeps!

Photo Credit from Instagram User @d_and_d_girlz

Here is another great parent look from a dad @davidelefant who joined in with his daughter Tali. They both look incredible and this photo is adorable!

Photo Credit from @hindy_hess

This viral trend requires, no sewing skills at all. Thousands of people from around the world have uploaded photos to Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and fun videos to TikTok showing off their pillow creations.

We came across these adorable brothers who joined in on the challenge. They accessories with bright fanny packs and matching beanies. A major plus, as you don’t see many guys doing the challenge.

Photo Credit from Instagram user @Taylansworld

These fashionable sisters, kid fashion influencers created a fun video for Tik Tok with their Louis Vuitton pillow outfits.

Photo Credit from Instagram users @Diamondtreasure84

Some people have really lovely pillows, in bright colors and textures like sequins. These flashy pillows make amazing dresses. Look at this bold red outfit worn by little Moreen with black embroidered print! The gold belt is the perfect choice!

It’s really refreshing to unite with such a fun and kind of silly challenge during this time. Have you participated in the pillow challenge? If so we would love to see your photos simply tag us on Instagram @freshkidnation 🥰

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