Motivation Monday: Kids Chat Show

The Kids Chat Show is a children’s talk show that discusses the current issue in the world. Meet the hosts of The Kids Chat Show. The show was created to enlighten young minds on the world that surrounds them and the opportunities that are available to them.

The trio discusses politics, fashion, sports, education, wellness, all from a kids perspective. Savannah and Milan met first through their parents working together. The two met Maddy at The Kids Chat Casting Call. When they saw her they loved her energy and knew she would be a good fit. 

Madisyn Amaya Pool (Maddy) 9, New York 

Savannah Smith, 9 years old, New Jersey

Milan Pow, 11, Bronx New York


Where do you like to shop or what is you’re your favorite clothing brand?

Maddy: I enjoy shopping at Forever 21 and H&M. They have so many cute clothes.

Savannah: I like shopping at Forever 21 Girls, Zara, Urban Outfitters, and I also wear my own styles that I design and create. I also have a clothing line!

Milan: I like to shop at Zara and Ralph Lauren, but my mom also takes me to thrift stores to find fabrics and patterns to add to my clothing


How would you describe your fashion sense? (Diva, I have swag, Cool, street ETC.)

 Maddy: My fashion style is Cool.

Savannah: I would say that my style is Sassy

Milan: I would describe my style as varied and unique. Some days I want to wear a ball gown and other days I want to wear a sweat suit and sneakers



Do you have a special talent?

Savannah: My special talent is singing and dancing too.  Maddy also dances!

Milan: Besides getting good grades, I am a star athlete on my schools’ soccer team, and I love to dance and do gymnastics. I love to act as well


Who is your fashion icon?

Maddy: My fashion icon is Skai Jackson, she is amazing!

Savannah: My fashion icon is my mom. She has shown me that style starts within and the clothes I wear are a reflection of my attitude.

Milan: My fashion icon is Michelle Obama, June Ambrose, Naomi Campbell, Diana Ross and Harper Tillman.

Do you have a website, twitter or instagram?

Instagram- @coolgirl_maddy @SavannahBananasWorld @styling.with.milan

The Kids Chat Show is on Youtube


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