Mini Mode London’s Premier Kids Fashion Week

Che Esson in Loud Apparel Photo Credit: Emma Wright

Mini Mode, a new platform to showcase kids fashion during London Fashion Week launched its inaugural show on Friday, February 16th, 2018 at 16-18 Paddington Street in  London’s West End neighborhood. There was an Industry and Consumer Show, both were  amazing productions that featured chic brands, adorable models and talented young performers. Che Esson age 12, from London, is a model on the rise, he is signed with Kids London Agency. Che gave us his insight about Mini Mode.

When I heard I was going to be apart of the Mini Mode LKFW I was so excited and couldn’t wait.

When I got there, back stage was buzzing with energy.

I had to get my first outfit on by Alexander Evans for the first show and then go up-stairs to hair and make-up, which I didn’t need because they said I had good skin!!!

I couldn’t wait to hit the runway again. The clothes looked great and all the children that were walking looked amazing.

It was finally time for me to hit the runway as our first guests were now seated…I walked my walk with style, people were complimenting my runway walk.  I felt very humble and blessed to do what I do as a kid model.

I walked both shows wearing Loud Apparel and Alexander Evans.

I had an amazing time, there were so many talented children there.  Models, singers, dancers, pianist, dj and a child host…the day was phenomenal!


Alexander Evans

Amelie et Sophie

Barn of Monkeys

Daniel Alessandrini Kids

Infantium Victoria

Isossy Children

Lady V Couture

Loud Apparel

Plumeti Rain

Rebel Republic


Where’s that Bear?

Amanda Rabor, Francesca Beatrice & Inspiring Vanessa Photo Credit: Rodolfo San Juan Jr.

Amanda Rabor, UK children’s wear designer and Founder of Mini Mode says: “London Fashion Week is iconic, and we thought that it was time to create a platform for kids fashion during the UK industry’s renowned London Fashion Week. It’s time for the kids market to be taken seriously and recognised as the economic powerhouse it is.”


Daniel Alessandrini Photo Credit: Emma Wright

Farouk James in Daniel Alessandrini Kids Photo Credit: Emma Wright

The audience was in awe of the award winning host Inspiring Vanessa. At 11 years old, Vanessa has gain international fans with her motivational videos and speeches. 13 year old House DJ Luca Milan had attendees vibing to the latest hits.

International motivational speaker Inspiring Vanessa 

The models were styled to perfection by Becky Seagere and Kate E Hill. Hair and make up done by London based Wow Beauty. The crowd was entertained by talented from kid performers. Jenaya Rose, Boys who Model and Hollie wowed the audience with their dance moves.

Musical performances by rapper Jayden Pyram from NYC and by singer Alexia Gibson.

Lady V Couture Photo Credit: Emma Wright

Lady V Couture Photo Credit: Emma Wright

Infantium Victoria Photo Credit: Emma Wright

Infantium Victoria Photo Credit: Emma Wright

20% of proceeds from ticket sales went to benefit Osteopathic Centre for Children Charity.  The Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy is a specialist osteopathy charity, whose goal is that any family can take a baby or child to consult a reputable pediatric osteopath who is safe and effective in the management of children.

Isossy Children Photo Credit: Emma Wright

Isossy Children Photo Credit: Emma Wright

To learn more about the event visit:

Instagram: @minimode_lkfw

Photographs from: Emma Wright and Rodolfo San Juan Jr.

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