Little Red Fashion: The first kids fashion education company

Little Red Fashion: Fashion is for everyone

Fresh Kid Nation had the opportunity to interview one of the owners of Little Red Fashion. It’s a kids fashion education company, one of the very first ed-tech and publishing start ups that focuses on providing children with digital educational materials in arts, literacy, and STEM fields based on fashion!

Who are the owners?

Jonathan Joseph, Ryan Kendall, James Connor, Nina Gortinski, Emily Swift, Peter Wight


Bicoastal between Fairfield County, Conneticut and Los Angeles

How is your company different from others?

Little Red Fashion is the first comprehensive kids fashion ed-tech & publishing company focused on kids 8-16. With a CSR & sustainability focus we are roll out titles digitally first, with holiday season print drops beginning in fall 2021! We are rolling out a 12 title initial slate of books for kids within that age range beginning with The Little Red Dress: A Kids Book About Fashion currently available for pre-order on our website The Little Red Dress retails for $9.99 and proceeds will help us build out our apps and educational tools.

Make it Mondays with Jonathan Joseph & Emily Swift

What inspired you to create Little Red Fashion?

A few things: for one, I was inspired by my mom’s focus on empowering me as a kid through fashion to love myself and my disability, ataxic cerebral palsy. Our shared search for unique socks to cover my AFO braces led to an obsession with color, fashion, styling, textiles and more that ignited my passion for fashion. On another level I was inspired by my experiences doing luxury womenswear consulting where I become frustrated by otherwise talented individuals whose toxic views regarding body diversity & positivity drove my idea for our tag line: Fashion is for Everyone. I am committed to ensuring the next generation of fashion leaders & creatives sees an industry that sees them back.

I dream of doing my part to create a world that shows kids who love fashion that that there is a place for them no matter who they are, where they come from and what their families look like. I often say on clubhouse and to colleagues that at the end of the day I’m making the kinds of books and resources that I wish had been around when I was young and eager for more expansion in the world of fashion. Thank you so much for the opportunity to share my vision with FreshKidNation.

Tell our readers more about your Kids fashion book!

A Little Red Dress: Kids Book About Fashion

Coming this spring, this kids book describes the little red dress as it tells its life story through rich hand-painted fashion illustrations that spark imagination and teach about the inner workings of the industry through a fun rhyming story perfect for kids 8+.

The mission of this book is to translate a classic story into as many languages as possible so that any kid, anywhere can be inspired to question where clothes come from, how they relate to them and imagine themselves as part of the fashion world.

For more information visit

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    This is indeed a great idea each child do need to feel like they belong and doing this will help them envision who they can be in the future…They are our future..

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