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Rap Kidd E, a 9 Year Old Kid Rap Artist from Norfolk, Virginia  just released a music video for his single “Life As A Kidd.” He creates inspirational music and focuses on using his art to motivate and inspire many. With his music as a vehicle to spread positive messages, he also makes a point to rap about issues and challenges that society faces. In his latest single, he urges his listeners to put the guns down. In the second verse, we hear the names of black men who were unarmed and killed to include Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell,  Eric Garner to name a few.” Say I’m a kid, and tell me not to worry, but when I see the TV it’s a different story.” Rap Kidd E understands the dangers that can result from gun violence but urges his peers to stay focused so that they can succeed and make it.

Since his debut in 2016, Rap Kidd E has performed at numerous community, charity, talents shows, concerts, and city sponsered events all throughout his hometown area. He was nominated for the 2016 Youth Award Crime Prevention Award held in his hometown. His inspiration and motivation and music has lead to him gaining a huge audience and fan base all throughout his hometown and now expanding beyond. He has been featured on Hip Hop Highlights Radio, WVEC TV News 13,  Wavy TV 10’s “The Hampton Roads Show” as the “I am Hampton Roads” kid of the week. He has also been featured in The Virginian Pilot and Gazette Newpaper. This is only a few of his accomplishments thus far and more to come. We believe his music, his message, inspiration, motivation and personality should continue to reach everyone across the globe.

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