Kids Who Care 2020: Part 1

Madison starts a diversity library in her community

This year has been challenging due to a worldwide pandemic, civil unrest and global warming that has caused wildfires around the world. we wanted to highlight young people who are making an impact in their communities. This proves that no matter your age, you can take small steps to change the world!

Jahkil Jackson @officialprojectiam

Jahkil Jackson

Chicago, USA

Project I Am

Currently fundraising

“After feeding the homeless with our aunt when I was 5, I decided I wanted to figure out how to help people with no homes. Organization was started when I was 8 where I decided to provide temporary support for those in need by way of blessing bags filled with toiletry items like wipes, soap, socks, tissue, lotion etc.”

What advice would you give kids who want to start an organization?

“Start small, don’t take on too much. Think about something that you are really passionate about, don’t do what you think is popular instead of what you really have a love for. I will continue with my organization, hopefully helping people actually find homes to get off of the street.

There are so many that inspire me. My parents, my grandma, young people who look up to me and most importantly is the folks that I service.”

Kennedi Washington @booksthroughmyeyes

Kennedi Washington

Easton, USA

“The two main ways I give back to my community are donating animal donations to my local shelter, and being a reading advocate to kids my age.I post my reading journey on @booksthroughmyeyes on Instagram!

My parents always taught me that I am fortunate, and I need to think of others around me. I have been volunteering since I was three years old, and have continued volunteering ever since. You should be passionate about whatever it is you are promoting! If you enjoy it that is all that matters. Work hard and you will see results you want!”

How will you continue to make an impact in the world when you are older? 

“I will continue to donate to animal shelters for my birthday each year. I also hope to expand my social media platform throughout the years or maybe partner with organizations! My mom and other influencers around me like Saraciea Fennell the founder of The Bronx is Reading and author Mahogany L. Browne inspire me to continue volunteering.”


New Jersey, USA

Madison’s Magical Book Library

Madison’s Magical Book Library Facebook Group

Why did you start doing charity work in your community? 

“I was 4 years old and had a lemonade stand for the Texas flood victims. Having that be so successful, she held lemonade stands for different charities every year. My favorite was using the money for medication needed for two rescue puppies. When they were all better I was able to meet them! It is sad because with Covid-19 I can not have a lemonade stand this year. “

Her mom provides us with more details about her work.

Madison has been saddened by everything happening in the world. She was upset with the George Floyd incident and didn’t understand what was going on. She wanted to do something positive. She started a Diversity Library at our her home in NJ. Her vision is to create a library that is full of books that have characters of different races, ethnicities, religions, and abilities. She looks forward to sharing them with the community. She hold events in her backyard that incorporate a book and a fun experience or guest readers. We have had the police department read and motivational speakers. We have black owned and multicultural companies come as well as children and adults with disabilities.

“When I am older I would like to continue to help the environment and people. Get an idea and just do it! Get involved in your community. Seeing people and animals getting better and getting what they need gives me inspiration.”


Winter Noel Joy

Baltimore, USA

Digital Squares of Positivity

Tell us more about your charity work?

I started a movement to spread faith hope kindness and compassion the main goal is to remind the world that LOVE is contagious too. We collect now collect digital squares of positivity! I began this work after being bullied and hearing about a young girl named Jasmine who killed her self because of bullying. I wanted kids to know that bullying does hurt. I went to a new school.

“Not all kids can transfer schools so I use to collect these fabric squares at events and kids could write how they felt inside and put prayers inside. Now because of COVID they transformed to a digital platform and I have made friends from all over the globe like a different Jasmine and she’s in Ghana. This work means a lot to me I want to start raising money to make T-shirts in the future that also spread love because now is the time to heal. I also started taking pictures my photography business is called Soliel l’avis the point of this work is simply to continue in the mission of spreading positivity. I show pics of how I feel even though things are complicated right now it’s okay to look at the BEAUTIFUL things and focus on those things like the sun the sunset and water. Those things make me happy and don’t focus on the problems.”

“Do what comes to your heart. This work began out of hurt. You can help others and heal your self at the same time. You can use your talents to help others. I want to be an actress because I need to express myself. I am actually shy but you can’t tell on stage or on camera. I hope you just start you non profit because you will impact the world.I will keep working on my photography and collecting squares. I will keep acting and using my voice to be a change agent. I will stay positive and try to help others.”

Who inspires you do to make an impact in your community? 

“My sister, I see her work so hard. She has a design business and digital art business. She follows her dreams. I love my big sister so much. Nothing stops her problems push her harder. My Mom teaches us to look beyond our circumstances. We are homeless right now and she just made baskets with my church for homeless families. I was like we need a basket and she reminded me that somewhere someone has less.”


Tahlia South

The Bronx, USA

Tahlia and Tovelle Cares

Why did you start doing charity work in The Bronx?

” I wanted to start doing charity work in my community because I know that there are people out there that need help. I want kids to know to always try and never give up. My mom inspires me because she is always giving back and when I am older I want to continue to help the homeless. “

Tahlia makes blessing bags with essential items for those in need. Soaps, tooth brushes, combs and more. She also makes birthday cards for kids who are in the hospital.

“I’m using my love of coloring and drawing to encourage kids in the hospital who are sick, I want to cheer them up!”

Follow these amazing children on their journey by visiting their websites or social media pages!

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    What a beautiful article! Seeing that there are such beautiful, kind and selfless children out there makes my heart sing. Children are our future and if all children were like this, we would have a very bright future indeed.

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