petite Parade N.Y.C. day 2

MissBlumarine Winter collection 2013

MissBlumarine Winter collection 2013


Tristian and Tyler: DeMarius KilPatrick/SMG

DeMarius KilPatrick SMG

Stylist June Ambrose: DeMarius Kilpatrick SMG









Yesterday seemed a lot smoother than Saturday, probably because I wore sneakers and I left my toddler at home. I attended the final petite parade in the afternoon. There were so many parents, bloggers, stylists, agents,photographers it became standing room only. I met a great photog DeMarius who provided the wonderful behind the scenes photos. Bonnie Young opened the show with a wonderful showing of fall and winter 2013 collection. The first few girls dress were adorned in 3 dimensional flowers. The color palette was rich and sophisticated, hunter green,deep violet and camel. Famous kid actress Fatima Ptacek from the short film “Curfew” and Nickelodeon’s Dora the Explorer  appeared in the show. I love the mixture or textures such as denim over tulle, velvet boy suits or lace on dresses. Photo credit: John Parra, Getty Images

Photo credit: DeMarius Kilpatrick Champmedia Group

Pale Cloud features a similar color palette but a bit more rock and roll than Bonnie Cloud’s ethereal collection. The dresses were

pleated, had details like matte sequins or leather.The young models wore flesh colored ballet shoes and messy topknots with glitter around their eyes.
Miss Blumarine girls collection included winter whites, embellished sweaters and my favorite was a warm camel dress coat with a faux fur collar. Iceberg boy models were outfitted in primary colored outerwear and Ki6 featured jersey knit dresses,leopard prints and glamorous looking girls. The 9 year old DJ Fulano was impressive with his fun music choice for this segment, the dwindling crowd bounced along to Rihanna and Usher. Last to show was Silvian Heach a sportswear collection. The youngest models only 2, walked the runway in bright yellow goodies and bubble vests. I stayed around and mingled with the crowd,gawked at fashion stylist June Ambrose (whose kids were quite stylish) and grabbed a Georgetown cupcake and goodies bag before walking over to Playtime NYC

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