FKN: Real Style File meet 4 year old Baron


After spotting little Baron aka @REALSKATEBOARDB on Instagram, I definitely wanted to feature him on Fresh Kid Nation! This toddler has a skater style, he is always rocking the freshest threads. His mom Summer, provided us with an exclusive interview.

Baron age 4

Hometown: Daytona Beach, Florida


Youtube: RealSkateboardB

Does he have a special talent?

He’s a smart kid, Baron can sing, dance, skateboard, cook & helps do chores. Baron tells his mom “I love to color, draw, paint!”

Where do you like to shop or what is your favorite clothing brand?

Baron doesn’t have just one fashion icon. He wears Baby Bear, True Religion, LMA, etc. He can rock any brand and make it look fly! We love the Ballard boys style.

How would you describe your son’s fashion sense?

Definitely swag. Street with a little bit of surf and skater.

image-1 image-2 imageimage-2 image

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    Awh how adorable!

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