Designers & Kids win big with One Jackson

I stumbled across One Jackson while looking for kids fashion blogs. I was delighted to learn about this web based company. One Jackson is a site dedicated to helping new indie kids designers showcase their talents. Designer enter contests sponsored by One Jackson, readers vote on favorites and winners recieve cash prizes and production of clothing. Below is a quote from the company…

We believe in raising creative, original kids who love great design (as much as we do!). We want our kids to know the designer and story behind what they wear (and look and feel good while wearing it). When we couldn’t find a place online for high-quality, indie-designed kids clothing, we decided to build it ourselves.

Seeing the amazing talent from our community of indie designers makes our knees weak. Making sure their fresh designs get made into the best clothes around is our passion. And inviting our customers to participate every step of the way is our commitment. Like you, we are crazy about the details (and we love eye candy)!

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