Designer Spotlight: Lil’ LDN

Name: Tazara

Hometown: London

Name of label or brand: Lil’ LDN

Type of design, accessories, t shirts, denim, clothing etc.

Tracksuit/dress/T-shirt/shorts/bomber jackets/skirts

Tazara is the designer of Lil’ LDN

Why did you choose to design for children?

As a fashion conscious new mum, I loved dressing up my little girl but really struggled to find clothes that reflected her big personality and my sense of urban style. ‍ Influenced by the city it calls home, ‘LiL LDN’was born – a collection inspired by London’s unique sense of style and swag. Our design philosophy is simple – cool, current and cute. We combine quality with individuality to bring you a collection that’s truly unique with a strong emphasis on merging textures and colours to make your ‘LiL’ one stand out from the crowd. ‍ The collection has been specifically designed to have an oversized fit, giving our clothes longevity as your child grows. We are proud to mention that our products are all designed and manufactured in the UK.

How is your label different from the other childrens brand already on the market?

We offer luxury wear at affordable prices, designed from original concept and shipped to our customers. My favorite items are both the tracksuits and bomber jackets. Tracksuit – because of the drop crutch style and the snug feeling it gives when a child wears it. The detail in the zip and color contrast. It comes in grey, khaki, navy velvet and blush pink velvet. It has an over sized hoodie. While we have focused on comfort style has not been compromised! 

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We have beautiful Bomber Jackets – these are again very comfortable and stylish, the colors come in maroon velvet, electric blue with neon yellow zip and faux leopard print. I love the leopard print bomber as we have pushed boundaries with this being an item all Kids can wear leopards. I like these items because again these can be worn dressed up or dressed casually. 

Where do you get your ideas from and what or who inspires you as a designer?

Kanye West, over the years his style has evolved – I like that he’s always pushing boundaries and is always showing different ways of wearing  clothes, he likes to layer clothing. Lil’LDN has used the color palette to layer lots of items. In stead of having things always matching we have put color blocks together so the items stand out in their own right. So it’s really up to you how you want to dress your child. I like the over sized look which can work well with kids but also gives a longer duration, so a good buy for your money spent. Over the years he has no one a trend setter and and a lot of his style has been filtered down to his kids. 

Where can Fresh Kid Nation readers find your work?

For more information visit:

Follow on Instagram @lilldn_x

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