Designer Spotlight: Infantium Victoria

The Canopy SS 18

Founded in 2014, by designers Dinie van den Heuvel and Julia Gaydina, Infantium Victoria is a sophisticated children’s line that specializes in luxurious cruelty-free fashion. Infantium Victoria’s unique clothing collections are dark and romantic; all their clothing patterns are hand produced by atelier D’andt in Belgium.  The brand is appealing to customers because each item is crafted from organic fabrics which are transformed into utopian treasured garments that will last a lifetime.


Dinie van den Heuvel & Julia Gaydina

Hometown or where you currently live:

Brussels, Belgium and Hannover, Germany

What time of items do you offer?

Baby/kids clothing and accessories

 Why did you choose to design for children?

Dinie has been working in high end women’s fashion for more then 15 years, when Julia approached her with the idea of creating new label. Dinie took on a challenge on creating vegan collection with dark colours as she herself had rough time finding black garment for her baby boy few years before, so it looked like a very natural thing to start working together.


 How is your label different from the other children’s brand already on the market?

Infantium Victoria combines two aspect – fashion and sustainability. The process of design is what high end brands have in place, working on new silhouettes, developing new fabrics and paying attention to the fit of garment. On top of that, sustainability is something which is a core value to our brand. All our materials are of plant origin and  certified organic, making Infantium Victoria one of the first vegan-only  kidswear brands operating in this marketplace. Also all of our factories and sampling units are certified GOTS, meaning fair working conditions and environmental safety.


Bestselling item Pirate Jacket

Where do you get your ideas from and what or who inspires you both designers?

Dinie finds inspirations pretty much everywhere. Mostly ideas come  during travels and  visiting art fairs. Dinies favorite inspiration show is Art Basel.  Due to our core value of sustainability, we try to address environmental issues like protection of oceans, natural farming, etc.

Feel free to browse our website and online store

Instagram  @infantiumvictoria

Twitter @InfantiumV

The SS19 Collection will debut at Pitti Imagine Bimbo June 21-23 in the KidsFizz area

Infantium Victoria will also exhibit the collection at Playtime New York, August 6-8 2018



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