Behind the seams: Global Kids Fashion Week 2013

Photo:David Bennet Getty Images
Photo:David Bennet Getty Images

Romaine with children

by UK Correspondent Romaine Coonghe

Company Director at  Juniorstyle

I felt very lucky last week to have been asked by Shauna from Fresh Kid Nation to report back to her on the very

first Global Kids Fashion Week – Britain’s first designer fashion week especially for children.Having worked in children’s fashion for the last nine years I have felt there has been a great need of such a platform.  With the increase in the desire for parents to find clothing that is of great design, made from good quality fabrics and that compliments the child’s personality, there has been an increase in the number of independent children’s wear label’s designed here in the UK. By having GKFW in London this would hopefully cast a light on the children’s wear market here in the UK and highlight the emerging talent.

Photo:David Bennet for Getty Images

Photo:David Bennet for Getty Images

DAY ONE of the Fashion show featured a selection of clothing from Autumn/Winter 2013 Collections.  Designers including Kenzo, Marc Jacobs, Marni, Paul Smith Junior, Chloe, Missoni, Junior Gaultier, Fendi, Scotch R’belle and Scotch Shrunk (one of my favorite brands for my boys and they love it too!)  and many more.

As I approached the Freemasons Building in Covent Garden, where the first ever runway show in the UK was going to take place, photographers were taking pictures of mini fashionista’s as they arrived with their parents.

Once in the venue, I guess the ‘Stage’ was set just like most fashion shows, with its long runway and cameras on stands waiting for their owners to snap the hottest show in town!

There was such excitement in the hall as fashion pundits, journalists, yummy mummies and celebrities arrived (The gorgeous Jodie & Jemma Kid, Portia Freeman to name but a few!).

Junior GaultierPhoto: Ivan Bennet Getty Images

Junior Gaultier
“Love this scaled down version from Junior Gaultier.”Photo: Ivan Bennet Getty Images

As the show began, models rocked up the stage, clearly enjoying the parade, some taking a little longer holding their pose at the end of the runway.  There was a lot of cooing as the models sashayed along the runway, one little boy on the front row decided he was not content watching and wanted to take part, jumping out on to the runway he began posing! He might be a future GKFW model in the making!

scotch shrunk Photo:Ivan Gavan Getty Images

scotch shrunk Photo:Ivan Gavan Getty Images

DAY TWO of the shows saw me arriving to the venue early as I was chaperoning my son Eugene (11yrs) who was modelling a suit for Isossy Children.  By chaperoning Eugene I got to see what was going on behind the scenes.

As Eugene and I arrived, we were shown to the ‘Green’ room where we were greeted by a team of styling professionals.

There appeared to be no pushy parents in the room, much to my surprise! The children taking part all looked to be having fun and were genuinely excited about being part of the first ever Global Kids Fashion Week, I know my son was!

After the one rehearsal, yes, the kids really were that good and didn’t need to be shown twice, the children had lunch and prepared to get dressed for the show.

The second show had a completely different feel to the previous days show.  May be that was due to the fact that day two showed outfits from Spring/Summer 13 which made us all think of the hazy summer days that are ahead!

Scotch Shrunk Photo: Ivan Gavan Getty Images

Scotch Shrunk Photo: Ivan Gavan Getty Images

Zoobugs glasses

Zoobugs Photo: Ivan Gavan Getty Images

The models all looked rather cool as they walked down the catwalk in their outfits, accessorized with sunglasses from Zoobugs, one of the sponsors of the show.

The models on the catwalk for the Spring/Summer 2013 show on March 20th, modeled outfits from Ralph Lauren, Mischika Aoki, Kenzo, Isossy Children, Missoni, Roberto Cavali, Finger in the nose, Levis, La Loi, Their Nibs, Rachel Riley, Scotch Shrunk and many more labels.

Reps from Kids Company Photo:Ivan Gavan Getty Images

Proceeds from the sale of tickets for this show are going to Kids Company – a charity supporting vulnerable inner city children.Photo:Ivan Gavan Getty Images

“This beautiful Kenzo dress is definitely on trend in color.” Photo:Ivan Gavan Getty Images

Photo: Ivan Gavan Getty Images

How amazing the design of this dress by Mischka Aoki?
Photo: Ivan Gavan Getty Images

After thoughts………

I enjoyed the experience of the shows I saw. Though working in children’s fashion, I am a little disappointed that there was barely a mention of any British Designers or emerging talent.

There are so many fantastic independent children’s wear labels in the market that would have loved and welcomed such a platform like this.

I am hoping that GKFW will be back here in London once again, as it is the perfect opportunity to potentially put the stamp on children’s fashion & design here in the UK

Finale Photo:Ivan Gavan Getty Images

Photo:Ivan Gavan Getty Images

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