Back To School 2021: Students around the world share their experiences

School are mostly all officially open to in-person learning. Children have been yearning to reconnect with friends and be back in school. Some children will be entering a school building for the first time! With Covid-19 still lingering, families have been concerned about another possible shut down looming on this fall.
We are featuring school aged children from around the Globe who will share their thoughts about the 2021 school year and how it is very different due to a global pandemic.


Name: Taz

Hometown: Ellicott City, USA

Instagram: @darknintaz

Grade Level: 3rd Grade

“I am anxious and so excited to go back to school because I learned so much about taking care of myself at home and being more independent especially when Mommy is working right next to me. I’ve been staying calm, following directions at home, and staying super healthy. I play too much at home and am ready to learn at school.”


Name: Toni

Hometown: Jersey City, USA

Instagram: @chulatonivee12

Grade Level: 7th Grade

“I’m excited about returning to school but a little nervous because the pandemic is still affecting people. I am excited about learning in the classroom with my teachers. I learned visually and sometimes it’s easy to get distracted when learning over the computer. “


Name: Lorenzo E.

Hometown: Tuscany, Italy

Instagram: @lorenzo_esposito_official

Grade Level: 3 elementare

Rivedere i propri compagni e le maestre è emozionante! Non vedo l’ora!

“Seeing your classmates and teachers, is exciting! I can not wait!”


Name: Elijah

Hometown: Walsall, UK

Instagram: @everyone_loves_lijah

Grade Level: Year 4

Elijah just finished up summer vacation, “I’m not looking forward to the holidays ending and going back to school means I have to get up super early! It will be nice to see my friends and teachers though and to learn lots of new things.”

Skye-Taylor & Aniyah

Name: Skye-Taylor & Aniyah

Hometown: Georgia, USA

Instagram: @Lilbit887 @aniyahsimsmodels

Grade Level: 2nd Grade & 8th Grade

Sisters Skye and Aniyah share their experiences about being back in school. Skye says ” I’m so excited to be back in school!” Her big sister has a different perspective

“At fist l was very hesitant about returning to school because of covid and the increasing cases and at one point mask were not required in school so l was considering home school. But we got word right before school started that mask would be required so l decided to go to school in person. So now I am super excited to see my friends in person and return to school.”


Name: Yomarley

Hometown: Paterson, USA

Instagram: @Princessmarleyrosa

Grade Level: 5th Grade

Yomarley has been in school a few weeks and is overall happy to learn with her friends “It feels awesome I wanted to see my friends and learn in person.”

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