Baby Gem beautiful beaded necklaces & bracelets for kids!

Innovative approach to gemstone accessories for your child.

Our designer spotlight features an in depth interview with Kimone Young of Brooklyn, New York. She is the creative force behind Baby Gem( kid’s line part of her 84 Gem accessories line). Kimone decided to design for children when her adult clients asked for mini versions for their kids. 84 Gem and Baby Gem designs are heavily influence by nature. Each piece is hand made and a unique mixture of gem stones, base metals and leather.The Name bracelet and I Heart Skulls Necklace contain kid friendly charms on gold chains with beautiful gemstones.

Kimone describe her design approach and influence for Fresh Kid Nation fans:

When I researched kids accessories, I realized that most pieces were inspired by cartoons.  I wanted my pieces to still appeal to children but have a more funky vibe.  Kids like to do whatever their parents do.  So I thought that if they looked similar to what mom or dad was wearing, they’d love them.  Also, some of the pieces are unisex and are made with natural stones and beads; I’ve seen little to no kids jewelry brands doing something like that.

My ideas basically come from my own personal style and what I’m feeling at the moment.  If I can’t see myself purchasing it, it’s definitely not making it into the line.  I’m inspired by what people of other cultures wear.  I find that a lot of international designs whether they be apparel or accessories are full of so much color and personality.

Kimone Young, was born in Jamaica and attended Fashion Industries High School and graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology. 84 Gem and Baby Gem is can be found on line and exclusively at  Franziquein Kingston, Jamaica.

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