9 year old Che Esson designer of King Che organic t-shirts

_DSC0232I was delighted to find a press release from King Che apparel based in London, especially since I love to meet kid designers. Che is the youngest I have met so far!

“Che Esson is an 9 year old school boy. His interests involve everything artistic. Drawing is one of his many passions. From a very early age he would sit and draw images of women. These images demanded to be shared and so the idea was born to place them on T-Shirts. Che, from the outset, expressed a creative and sartorial thrust, insisting on how he wanted his images and subsequent design to be presented. Using the name ‘King’, a moniker he calls himself, the label ‘King Che‘ was born. And here the brand begins by introducing two hand drawn organic T-Shirts: ‘Pink Lady’ and ‘Orange Lady’.
These unique T’s leave you wanting more..”_DSC0158

After viewing some photos and reading the submitted designer survey I immediately set up a Skype interview to develop an in depth article for Fresh Kid Nation.

_DSC9982Dressed in a bright blue blazer and blue bow tie Che appeared professional and way cooler than any kid I knew. I was immediately charmed by his natural swag and melodious British accent. Even his mom donned a pair of hip sunglasses and excitedly dropped phrases such as “wicked” during our conversation. The family is just starting out developing the T shirt line for girls. Cordelia, Che’s mom has helped Che develop the T shirt line over the past year through trial and error.  “We tried out all methods like transfers onto t-shirts, printing off of the Apple mac, until I decided we needed to get the t-shirts done properly – so I approached a screen-printing company.”

The high quality t-shirts are made from organic cotton fibers, which is softer on children’s skin,and  great for sensitive skin types. Che had the idea of putting the labels on the hem of the t-shirts. Since he was a tot Che loved to draw and showcased natural artistic talents.  Besides painting and drawing, he loves to play the piano and go to the cinema. Che recently saw The Wizard of Oz with James Franco and we both thought it was brilliant. Che’s favorite color is gold which he uses to color the sun in his “Pink Lady” shirt and when I asked him about his glorious long hair he replied “I don’t know how I would look with out hair.”

Che says he gets his ideas and inspiration from his mother and how she dresses. Cordelia spends a large amount of time helping Che develop a brand amongst many other mom duties (Homework, dinner, work etc). She even asked a co-worker’s daughter to model the first sample t-shirts. They also plan on creating shirts for boys as well.


Twitter: @King_Che9
Instagram: king_che9
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